This study assesses the effects of heat wave intensity on mortality (natural, respiratory and cardiovascular causes) in four of the largest cities of Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Seville) during the period between 1990 and 2014. ... July 20, 2020, 11:59 AM • 4 min read. Family has heartbreaking dilemma amid pandemic. In the current context of climate change, heat waves have become a significant problem for human health. Less than one month after a historic heat wave gripped more than half of Europe, another far-reaching heat wave will affect many of the same locations this week. 'alarmed' at election misinformation still circulating. Both high and low temperature records were threatened and broken through the middle portion of the month, as can be seen below. The darkest reds on this map of the Arctic are areas that were more than 14 degrees Fahrenheit warmer in the spring of 2020 … The deaths prompted the nation's weather service to institute a … What NOT to do in a heat wave. An estimated 15,000 heat-related deaths were reported in France following the 2003 summer heat wave. The Big Apple continued to bake Monday as temperatures soared above 90 degrees for the third consecutive day, making it the city’s first official heat wave of the year. GA Lt. Gov. A heat wave continues to affect the Northeast with more than a dozen record highs tied or broken yesterday from New Hampshire down to Virginia. ... — NWS Las Vegas (@NWSVegas) July 11, 2020. Above average heat is expected to persist for at least the next nine days in Western Europe. Spain and Portugal faced another exceptionally hot day Saturday as a heat wave that has killed three people in Spain threatened to raise temperatures to record levels.. Large areas of Portugal are on red alert for heat, including the capital, Lisbon. The middle part of July 2020 brought intense heat to West Texas. Heat Wave in Europe Shatters Temperature Records in the U.K., France & Spain Headline Aug 05, 2020 In climate news, Europe is sweltering under a heat wave … “When a heat wave lasts for this kind of duration the impacts can be compounding,” Ward said. If this headline seems very familiar, that's because it is. The July Heat Wave of 2020. 2020's Ridiculously Resilient Ridge of heat in the Western U.S. is back for an encore this weekend, and in some areas the heat … This Arctic heat wave has been unusually long-lived.
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