The findings of a 30-year study into how southern right whales have responded to commercial whaling practices in Australia have been released. southern right whale breaching in the nuevo gulf, valdes peninsula, during the calving and mating season for these whales. image caption Southern right whale: Most populations' numbers seem to be moving in the right direction and follow me on Twitter: @BBCAmos Related Topics (Right whale images are taken under NMFS permit 633-1763 under the authority of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the U.S. media caption Rare white southern right whale calf spotted off the coast of Western Australia Drones are being used by researchers to study endangered southern right whales in … When her calf risks being crushed by males battling for a mate, a mother whale needs to fight back. Endangered Species Act). They have been listed as endangered since 1970 and remain one of the world's most endangered large whale … Whales have a unique pattern of "callosities" - white roughened patches of skin on the head and chin. Share. Prof Vicky Rowntree is the director of the Ocean Alliance's Southern Right Whale Program, and studies the Golfo Nuevo animals. 17 meter Southern Right Whales were spotted at Manly beach, with a mother and her calf coming very close to the shore to where surfers were watching. - right whale stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images close up view of a curious southern right whale calf with it's mother in the background, puerto piramides, argentina. Southern right whales are so trusting and curious of humans they would often swim up close to the team. Humans are killing the endangered North Atlantic right whale far faster than previously thought, and experts say the window to act is quickly closing. North Atlantic right whales were hunted virtually to extinction by the early 1890s. Stathis Tsolis, the museum's conservation officer, said: "North Atlantic right whales are currently endangered, with only an estimated 400 left. Updated Updated 04/08/2020.