Rewards. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how do you open your mount and pet list? The top-right pane displays the stats and abilities and other information on any pet which is dragged to that pane. The heart indicates health status or whether a pet is strong in health. World of Warcraft: Petbattles - aktuelle Tipps und Guides zu den Haustierkämpfen in WoW gibt's bei uns auf! Hide pets by right clicking on their entry in the Pet Scroll List and select Hide/Show. It has not yet been confirmed as a new battle pet, but we certainly hope that this cutie will be adoptable in Legion. Jessica Marello, Fair Use: World of Warcraft (video game) PVP Battles vs. Duels. For a listing of all known pets see the list of companions. Shaddixie, the Lunchables Thief and 1 more . In order to interact with these pets you have to visit a Stable Master. Health for pets is like health for characters. Buttons. At the botto m left is a "Summon" button. Pet Journal Blank After Character Faction/Server Change . Sample images relevance to World of warcraft pet journal The Difference Between Hell and Home. The sword indicates power status or whether a pet is strong in power. For example: boss drop>> Location <> <> <