Central banks are purchasing gold at the fastest pace we’ve seen in half a century, buying up an astounding 20.9 million troy oz over the last 2 years. In another universe, Trump beat Biden. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a bid by Pennsylvania Republicans to overturn Biden’s win the state.A small number of lawsuits are still working their way through the courts, including in Wisconsin and Georgia, though none are expected to deliver Trump a victory.On Wednesday, Johnson sent an email to House Republicans hoping to find colleagues to sign on to an amicus brief in a last-minute Texas lawsuit looking to disallow results from Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania on Trump’s behalf. SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Chaos struck Santa Monica on Sunday as looters broke into stores just blocks away from a mostly-peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. Breaking News 5:38 PM PT -- L.A. County has announced a 6 PM curfew on Sunday night to all cities that fall within its jurisdiction. Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown issued a statement early Monday morning. With more George Floyd protests happening in Los Angeles today, Black Lives Matter demonstrators have flooded the streets in Santa Monica. Despite that, China has consistently linked the fate of the two Canadians to its demands that Ms Meng be released immediately. Mitchell Melton was the mechanic aboard the four-engine, propeller-driven B-17G Flying Fortress bomber that crashed at Bradley International Airport north of Hartford on Oct. 2, 2019. Last week, Europe's FTSE Russell removed eight firms from its own indices to comply with Trump's executive order, which prohibits U.S. citizens and companies from buying shares in the blacklisted companies after November 2021. Minneapolis approves cuts to police budget, not staffing, George Floyd's family planning memorial center in Raleigh, Prosecutors want 2017 teen's arrest in George Floyd death trial, Judge rejects moving trial of ex-officers in Floyd's death, Woman arrested in OC DUI crash that killed parents, hurt 3 children, LIVE: FDA panel holds hearing on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, Dad charged after kids found decapitated, disturbing details released, LA County deaths milestone leaves health director choked with emotion, LA charter school group hopes to break stigma and get community tested, IE hospitals overwhelmed by COVID surge warn of disastrous situation, Trump and his GOP loyalists seek to pile on SCOTUS election challenge, Chase: CHP use PIT maneuver, arrest suspect in Sylmar, Airbnb rentals spark conflict at Glendale apartment complex, Child dies from rare illness linked to COVID, 1st such death in LA County, DTLA cathedral honors Our Lady of Guadalupe. Canadian foreign minister Francois-Philippe Champagne issued a statement Wednesday marking their two years of captivity, saying; "These two Canadians are an absolute priority for our government, and we will continue to work tirelessly to secure their immediate release and to stand up for them as a government and as Canadians." While, SMIC did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Some of the participants Saturday night were Trump supporters, including Latinos For Trump. SANTA MONICA, CA — About 80 people gathered at the Santa Monica Pier to protest Gov. SANTA MONICA, CA — Hundreds of people met up in Santa Monica Sunday to call for justice in the wake of protests happening across the U.S. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times) The tension was palpable Sunday in Santa Monica. "More stories from theweek.com Trump's jaw-dropping vaccine screwup The Trumps are reportedly preparing to move out of the White House SpaceX Starship test flight ends in a fiery crash. — David Hansen (@investDRH) May 31, 2020 There is a protest happening in Santa Monica Sunday afternoon that was peaceful so far in response to the police killing of George Floyd. They mentioned former New Jersey Gov. Neither China or Canada has released specifics about their cases. Copyright © 2020 KABC-TV. The chamber reported the numbers a week after Rudy Giuliani testified in Lansing and just days after he tested positive for Covid-19. Black Lives Matter demonstrators peacefully protested in Santa Monica Sunday. "No," Giuliani responded. Protests and faith-based services have been exempted from COVID-19- related orders because they are constitutionally protected rights. China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday it strongly opposed the move by S&P Dow Jones, and accused the U.S. of using national power to oppress Chinese companies. You can't overreact to them. "I have exactly the same view. A group of more than 200 former interns is calling on Joe Biden to fix that. the manipulation of electronic voting machines. No one expected Donald Trump and his supporters to lose the 2020 presidential election graciously, least of all those of us who thought he had a much better chance of winning it than public polling suggested.This is why, in one sense anyway, I think we should not put too much stock in surveys like this one, which suggests that only a quarter or so of Republicans "accept" the results of this year's election. Protesters clashed with police Saturday night at the Santa Ana police headquarters. This program has power companies furious. At 60, Metris Batts says she parties a little more responsibly than many others, but she still rides to be seen at the Black event, cruising atop her silver-gray Honda VTX in brightly colored cowboy boots and rhinestone-studded jeans. Eight non-EU countries, including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, are on the list of "safe" third nations. Canada's Foreign Ministry did not immediately reply to an emailed request for comment on Ms Hua's remarks. As looting takes place in Santa Monica on Sunday, a couple of protesters put their lives in danger by standing in … “Sunday was one of the most distressing days in Santa Monica history. FDA to decide whether to approve Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in the U.S. As Biden passes 'safe harbor' milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won, After Giuliani visit, Michigan House says nearly 30 have tested positive for Covid this year, Only 1 in 5 wine drinkers know these simple tricks, Wife of convicted California congressman seeks divorce, China says two Canadians held for two years on 'spying' accusations have been indicted and tried, Chuck Schumer had to tell Dianne Feinstein that she should step down as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee twice because she forgot the first conversation they had, new report alleges, Scottsdale, Arizona: Say Bye To Expenisve Solar Panels, More Inside John Stefanidis Designed Dreamy Escape on the Island of Patmos, Pete Buttigieg reportedly really wants a Cabinet spot — but not just any Cabinet spot, Rudy Giuliani, hospitalized with the coronavirus, says he has 'exactly the same view' on COVID-19, Do This Instead of Cleaning Gutters (It's Genius), 'Under the rug:' Sexual misconduct shakes FBI's senior ranks, Britons banned from travelling to EU countries from January 1, S&P will remove Chinese firms after Trump order, ‘Shopping Spree’ Could Send Gold Soaring To $5k, Rep. Eric Swalwell refused to say if he had sex with a suspected Chinese spy who slept with 2 mayors for an intelligence campaign, Trump Looks to Congressional Republicans in Latest Effort to Overturn Election Results, Mechanic: 'Everything perfect' before fatal WWII plane crash, Support Memory and Focus with #1 Brain Magnesium, Video shows California police fatally shooting man allegedly armed with knife, Starbucks joins McDonald's and Walmart in calling for Congress to pass stimulus package, as CEO announces plans for $15 minimum wage, Why Trump supporters won't accept election results, Big Changes Coming To Healthcare Industry, Black bikers see racism in Myrtle Beach, SC, traffic plan, Georgia GOP Senate staffer sent dossier on critic of GOP donor to FBI. - City News Service and Patch Editor Nicole Charky contributed to this report. Former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor have been confined since December 10, 2018, just days after Canada detained Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of the founder of the Chinese global communications equipment giant. Some vehicles were seen with out-of-state license plates or covered plates. Yet our solidarity with those honoring George Floyd was betrayed, as was his memory, by opportunistic and organized criminals. The US accuses Huawei of using a Hong Kong shell company to deceive banks and do business with Iran in violation of US sanctions. There's a thrill to riding fast, Batts says, so it's infuriating to be stuck for hours in a 23-mile (37-kilometer) one-way detour. Ms Meng, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, is living in a luxury Vancouver home while her extradition case continues in a British Columbia court. And Buttigieg hasn't made it easy for Biden to include him either. According to the Washington Post, House Republicans are eyeing Senators Mike Lee (R., Utah), Ted Cruz (R., Texas), Rand Paul (R., Ky.), Josh Hawley (R., Mo. Sometimes, when you're — you know, when you're a celebrity — they're worried if something happens to you, they're going to examine it more carefully, and they do everything right." A looter rushes out of the Patagonia Store on 4th Street in Santa Monica on Sunday. As police patrolled the demonstration, looters and rioters arrived at the Santa Monica Place mall, one block inland. Most wine drinkers in the US don't know these 5 simple Dos and Don'ts.... How many of them do you know? You know, I've also been through cancer, a couple of other things — very serious, very serious, emergency knee operation. Millions of Americans live there. China has said Mr Kovrig and Mr Spavor were indicted June 19 by the Beijing prosecutor's office on "suspicion of spying for state secrets and intelligence." Republicans on the Joint Congressional Committee on the Inaugural Ceremonies voted on Tuesday against a resolution stating that the committee was preparing for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Cole Sprouse was arrested on Sunday during the Black Lives Matter protest in Santa Monica, Calif. A spokeswoman for Hikvision called the U.S. decision to pursue the firm "groundless." According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 18 EU countries have higher rates of Covid-19 than Britain. He said his advice to people is "get early treatment," falsely claiming that "the earlier you get treated for this, No. S&P Dow Jones said on Thursday (December 10) it's set to cut more than a dozen Chinese companies from its stock and bond benchmarks from around the world. Santa Monica’s curfew will last from 8:00 p.m. Sunday to 5:30 a.m. Monday. B. Cooper. You might as well ask people whether they "accept" the results of bad weather or personal financial setbacks.Which is why I believe it makes more sense to see the conservative response to the 2020 election not as some bizarre new development on the American right or even as the outgrowth of QAnon and other conspiracy theories, but rather as the inevitable culmination of a process that began long ago.For decades now it has been clear that the flipside of Americans' veneration of the office of the presidency, which combines the functions of head of government and head of state into one extraordinarily powerful title, is our insistence that presidents whom we do not ourselves support cannot be just that: politicians we did not vote for and would just as soon not see re-elected. Local reporters noted that masked looters … Digital advances in health care have pushed for massive demand for better health care management and the US market is ripe for disruption. Sunday, May 31, protests around the country. “The purpose of our amicus brief will be to articulate this concern and express our sincere belief that the great importance of this issue merits a full and careful consideration by the court.”Additionally, more than two dozen members of the House Freedom Caucus and other conservatives signed a separate letter to the president asking that he direct Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate "irregularities" in the election. This article originally appeared on the Santa Monica Patch. Johnson wrote that the president “will be anxiously awaiting the final list to review,” a warning that Trump would be made aware of who had signed and who didn’t.“Most of my Republican colleagues in the House, and countless millions of our constituents across the country, now have serious concerns with the integrity of our election system,” Johnson said in a statement. A peaceful protest in Santa Monica, California, turned violent after looters hit the 3rd Street Promenade on May 31, 2020. One of the radio hosts told Giuliani the drugs are "not something that the normal American is going to be able to get, because it's quite expensive." See for yourself how you can easily stop gutter cleaning for life and increase home value. "Giuliani revealed that he has received two of the same medications Trump took during his hospitalization for COVID-19: remdesivir and dexamethasone. Jesse Van Loozen, 34, died in the parking lot confrontation in Culver City on Aug. 3. The critic said they told him to stop threatening the donor on social media. Emily Guerin spent 24 hours covering two discordant but simulateous events — peaceful protests and destructive looting in downtown Santa Monica. "They moved around the pier and the downtown area," Cooper said. China's Foreign Ministry said Thursday that two Canadians held for two years in a case linked to a Huawei executive have been indicted and put on trial, but gave no details. The protesters began gathering at the pier at 8 p.m. Saturday, said Santa Monica police Sgt. Two FBI agents visited the critic at his home in 2017, the agency confirmed. But Biden passed Buttigieg over for that role, giving it to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who has worked in Foreign Service almost as long as Buttigieg has been alive.It's not that Biden isn't fond of Buttigieg; He has gone so far as to compare the former mayor to his late son Beau. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) She has some thoughts . "Sunday was one of the most distressing days in Santa Monica history. Tasked with a California family’s historic getaway on Patmos, John Stefanidis gives the once-neutral house a vibrant polychrome presenceOriginally Appeared on Architectural Digest, Pete Buttigieg is reportedly ready to make his political return — if President-elect Joe Biden can find a suitable place for him.The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor proved a strong contender in the crowded 2020 Democratic primaries before dropping out and endorsing Biden. Trump is also expected to meet with several state attorneys general at the White House on Thursday, while Rudy Giuliani has done similar outreach from the hospital where he is being treated for COVID-19.The report adds that Vice President Mike Pence has also joined the effort to contact governors and other party leaders in key states in an attempt to find any last-ditch efforts to help Trump, though a source told the paper Pence has not pressured the lawmakers to take action and sees his calls as “checking in.”Trump allies in the House have been approaching GOP senators hoping to recruit one to join in objecting to slates of electors on January 6, sources told the paper, when Congress will meet in a joint session to count the electoral votes and finalize Joe Biden’s victory, with Pence presiding.Should a member of the House and a member of the Senate challenge a state’s results, it would trigger a Congressional vote that could force Republicans to choose between accepting the election results — Biden won with 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232 — or supporting Trump’s efforts to overturn the results.Representative Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) has vowed to challenge the results, though a number of unknowns remain, including how many slates of electors he and other lawmakers plan to contest and whether they can find a Senate Republican to join their effort. Police never declared an unlawful assembly. On that fateful Sunday afternoon, hundreds of left-wing protesters marched along Ocean Boulevard to the iconic Santa Monica Pier in a “Black Lives Matter” protest. Fox News' Tucker Carlson said Swalwell's office declined to comment when his show asked about a claim that he had sex with a suspected Chinese spy. In a country in which authority tends to be understood in what might politely be described as conditional terms, it should not be surprising that the sizable portion of the electorate supporting one candidate should reject the other. ), and Kelly Loeffler (R., Ga.) as potential allies in their efforts. Protesters with powerful messages took to the streets of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Hollywood and other communities, asking to have their voices heard in a display of unity. Ever since Democrats and their allies in the media began using this phrase in the fall of 2016 in a bad-faith attempt to secure some kind of worthless pledge from Trump (they would ignore this apparently world-historic imperative by spending the next four years insisting that Trump was not himself the duly elected president), I have found myself asking exactly what it is supposed to mean. Barr last week announced that the Justice Department had found no evidence of voter fraud that would overturn the election results. The wife of former Rep. Duncan Hunter has filed for divorce after both were convicted of corruption and prosecutors alleged the lawmaker had used campaign funds on extramarital affairs. Try risk free! Barack Obama's legitimacy was cast into doubt by his enemies long before his inauguration thanks to the so-called birther controversy, which actually began during Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential run. It's not publicly known where Mr Kovrig and Mr Spavor are being held or under what conditions, although Canada's ambassador to China testified to a House of Commons committee this week that they were "robust." Magtein® is a magnesium supplement clinically proven to cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance memory, focus and attention.
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