10% chance of recruiting 5★ sync pair in general (except limited pairs). We strongly encourage players to discuss their opinions on tier lists and gameplay. Think of it as a small, conditional bonus, but it doesn’t change too much. Nate Trainer Listing for all details and Pokémon of the Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters EX for iOS & Android. List of Sync Pairs at … Bruno can also raise Machamp’s Critical Hit Rate with “Dire Hit”, but with a Teammate also raising it, Machamp can immediately go all-out on Offense while a Support applies the Critical Hit Rate Buffs. Solid bulk and an interesting Passive in Power Siphon make Torterra a great Main Tank in both BV and Single Player Event formats, although Good As New's low Mp can stop it from outlasting 3v9s without a backup tank. give it access to so much Healing and damage resistance. Although the Volcarona is extremely weak to physical aoe, isn't always the most gauge efficient, and needs to remake its whole Grid in order to switch between Struggle Bug and Hyper Beam, the sheer damage and ease of use it brings to the table makes it an excellent pick for any format not called Battle Villa (where its lone single use buff can be underwhelming). https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/w/index.php?title=Sync_pair&oldid=3297974. Still, mixed Attacking and debuffing capability on a Striker is a rare thing and Gallade's great stats complement it well, so this pair can and will still tear through opposing teams with ease. In fact, not only can it bring a Specially Offensive Striker to +6 Sp.Atk and +2 Critical Hit Chance (4/5 moves will Crit), it can also Heal, boost Accuracy, and provide Damage Reduction through Reflect. Even if the Stage you're using it on is weak to Flying, you're better off with literally any other Flying Type, or even any more competent Striker, even if it doesn't deal Supereffective Damage. A pair that had a great potential as an extremely quick aoe Sun Striker, but ultimately is condemned to mediocrity by poor base stats and a lack of powerful Self Buffs. A decent suit of buffs, status, and even passable damage for a tech make it a fine enough choice for teams with gauge to spare, but it's rarely if ever an optimal pick as it just doesn't excel in any one area enough to compete with more specialized pairs. 10% chance of recruiting 5★ sync pair in general (except limited pairs). Mp Refresh on its Dire Hit+ combined with the rest of Jigglypuff's offensive buffs coming from Passive Skills make it a delightfully reliable Striker in the Battle Villa, although the time it takes to build these up can make it difficult to use in Events. In short, the best way to describe a pair like Venusaur is this: the complete package. : Fall Acerola & Mimikyu, Anyone else having problem with lag while playing this on newer phones or tablets? Pokémon Masters has evolved! Onix's Sync Grid has transformed it from a bland, thoroughly outclassed Support to one of the game's most reliable Battle Villa and LA tanks. Although Solgaleo's moves are immensely powerful and it is capable of great amounts of Damage when properly supported, it cannot be called one of the game's best Strikers when it takes Six Bars of Gauge to Buff itself and can't even increase its own Crit. : Lisa & Mega Altaria. Starmie's Grid is finally here, and with the increased healing and array of buffs it brought, Starmie has emerged alongside Glalie as one of the game's best backup tanks. Mediocre stats, mediocre Attacking moves, and poor self buffing. Hau & Raichu are the most recommended F2P Sync Pair (unlocked in Chapter 11). Leveling Up Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters. For those unaware, Pokemon Masters is the latest release from the behemoth franchise that allows players to participate in co-op (aka sync pair) battles with their favorite characters from the series. Important This sync pair scout allows you to use the Sync Pair Scout ×11 at a cost of only 3000 gems. Increased chance of recruiting Plumeria and Salazzle and Lucy and Seviper. One-time guaranteed 5★ scout. Increased chance of recruiting Ethan and Cyndaquil, Kris and Totodile and Lyra and Chikorita. While the addition of monsters like Golisopod and Pherosma has deprived it of its former place as the game's best early game assassin, there still is and always will be a place for a pair who can, with little to no investment, be slotted onto any team carry players through most of the game's content. How each of these are scored are decided upon by a combination of perspectives from the GamePress Pokemon Masters team. While mediocre stats keep Ho-oh out of the upper echelon of the game's Strikers, there is no denying the incredible DPS potential of Charging Sun+Charging Sun as a lucky skill+Speeding Sun+A two bar 125 power move in Solar Beam. The player receives Tech Move Candy Coin after recruiting 11 sync pairs for 3000 gems (first-time only). Tier lists are inherently subjective by nature! Solid bulk, its trademark access to +3 Critical Chance which remains highly useful despite no longer being unique, and "Unbreakable Bonds!" On top of this, it can be extremely hard to knock out since Soothing Sand, Sand Shelter, and "Over Here!" Aside from Potion, it is basically a budget Lycanroc that is more energy costly. Sync Pair Scouts are the primary way for Pokémon Masters players to obtain their team members. Wallace and Sygna Suit Grimsley Spotlight Scout. Mega Pinsir is one of the highest Damage dealers and fastest Pairs in the game--especially after Noland uses “Bring it On!”, which further increases Mega Pinsir’s Speed. Applicable Sync Pairs. How each of these are scored are decided upon by a combination of perspectives from the GamePress Pokemon Masters team. Far and away the best in its role as a dedicated main tank, the single most well rounded stat buffing Support in the game, and the only viable healer that operates independently of Mp, a player who owns both this pair and a powerful Potion user is set to breeze through anything Pokemon Masters can throw at them. Does not include Wallace and Milotic in the May 2020 Spotlight. T here's a flurry of activity happening in Pokémon Masters EX with the arrival of some new sync pairs, the return of a few familiar festive faces, and a brand-new game mode that will test your time management skills in the heat of battle. Even relative to top strikers like Charizard and Pheromosa, the numbers Zacian can put out with proper investment seriously push the limits of what this type of pair is capable of. Recommended Free Sync Pairs; How to Unlock Free Sync Pairs; Check Out the Pair Sync List Here Recommended Free Sync Pairs … The following Trainers have been shown in supplementary material and in the game itself, but are not currently playable. : Precision Pals 1: Move: Good as New! After completion, the Sync Pair Story can be repeated, but with the Pokémon being the current evolution form rather than the Pokémon that was to evolve during it. Many famous Trainers from every region featured so far in the Pokémon video games have gathered on Pasio along with their partner Pokémon and formed their own sync pairs. The lineup bonus is ×1 by default and varies according to which sync pairs are on the team. 2% chance of recruiting Lance and Dragonite. A decent Offensive Sync Pair who has Passive Skills that prevents them from losing Attack or Defense. As one of the few pairs in the game with access to both Potion Master Healer and Mp Refresh, Pikachu holds a rather useful niche as a Support in Legendary Arena and Battle Villa spreading Paralysis and healing. 7: 84: 3: Good as New! UPGRADE SYNC PAIRS TO 6★ EX! Scout 11 Sync Pairs PLUS a 5★ sync pair of your choice in the 5★-Select Special Scout ×11. Does not include Clemont and Heliolisk in the April 2020 Spotlight. Different Pokemon Masters Tiers (From High to Low) All the Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters have different abilities and uses. Sadly, this is still not enough. Increased chance of recruiting Rosa (Holiday 2019), Karen and Hilda. While the old standby Striker Lycanroc has been circumstantially affected by the encroachment of powercreep since release day, it still holds up surprisingly well in a vacuum and remains a truly excellent general use Striker. The item actually became unobtainable for any players who did not get them during the event's initial run, although it no longer served a purpose. DEF lowering Attacks, so Enemies will always have trouble trying to get through her. You need to level up the trainers and their pokemon, maybe go through the evolution quests and ultimately prepare for creating the best ever team in the game. The player receives 100 Sygna Suit Leaf and Venusaur Sync Orbs once they recruited them (maximum 5 times). Log-in from February 14 to March 16, 2020, Trainer moves - these are unique to Pokémon Masters EX. Example 1: If you place a ×1.6 Sync Pair and a ×1.2 Sync Pair on your team, you will receive ×1.8 the number of decorations. They may become available in future updates. Contains info on story Sync Pairs and tips on which ones to develop. The player can use items to increase the level cap to 110, 120, and 125. Floatzel is one of the very few Tech Pairs capable of maxing out its own Atk Stat and boosting its own Critical Hit chance to a usable amount. 2% chance of recruiting Kukui and Lycanroc (Midday Form). Does not include Lusamine and Pheromosa. As it is, with the duo being mostly self sufficient, possessing what is effectively a 75-120 two bar move depending on Grid investment on top of a solid Attack stat, and applying Freeze more consistently than any other pair in the game, Steven can't be called anything but a top tier Striker. While itss versatile suite of buffs makes it a highly flexible pair, a lack of any real defensive power or unique utility outside of the standard Support skillset makes it difficult to call anything more than a budget option these days. Increased chance of recruiting Rosa (Holiday 2019) and Delibird and Siebold (Holiday 2019) and Octillery. : Nate & Braviary, Sync Spotlight/Should You Pull? 2% chance of recruiting Glacia and Glalie. Additionally, the rising popularity of aoe buffs from pairs like Blastoise and Clefairy have made offensive tanks much stronger by letting them work in tandem with a dedicated Striker on the same team. If the player has Dire Hit (+) support, players only need to spend a maximum of 2 turns at the start of the battle before it starts its rampage, regardless of battle mode. Milotic is quite a bulky Sync Pair, certainly, and has the ability to deal a... not irrelevant amount of damage through Trapping when factoring in its Sync Grid Passives. It can be easily slotted onto any Team due to its self sufficiency, and its sheer power and efficiency mean it more often than not SHOULD be slotted onto any team. Scouting Sync Pairs. Table of Contents. 2% chance of recruiting Sygna Suit Blue and Blastoise. This is why he is not currently ranked higher on this list. 10% chance of recruiting 5★ sync pair in general (except limited pairs). The player receives Tech Move Candy Coin after recruiting 11 sync pairs for 3000 gems (first-time only). The player receives Strike Move Candy Coin after recruiting 11 sync pairs for 3000 gems (first-time only). While Phantom Force's unique ability to provide temporary invincibility is highly useful for drawing aggro in Co-op, your Striker should never really need to dodge enough moves in Single Player to make the clunky three-use move worth it. Read full topic Leveling up increases a sync pair's stats, with them being identical in their role to the stats of the main games except for Speed, which instead affects the rate at which the move gauge fills. The two main things that weigh it down are a lack of a permanent Crit Buff, and the major weakness that its main gimmick (counterattacking with Beak Blast) will almost never work in Single Player, and even if it does will very quickly lead to the loss your Team's only Striker. The available sync pairs change as the game introduces more Trainers, with specific spotlight scouts giving a higher chance of obtaining the sync pair that the event is focused on. Dewgong fulfills a useful niche as the game's premier Ice Type Striker, but unfortunately lacks the raw power necessary to be useful outside of the context of Stages with Weaknesses to Icy Type Damage. The level of the moves starts at level one and can be boosted to level 5. Any egregious placements that may lead a new player astray should be corrected immediately! ... Trainers partner up with Pokémon to become sync pairs, forming bonds of friendship to carry them to victory! The rise of self-sufficient strikers and tank/support combination pairs in particular has rendered its niche mostly irrelevant, although its bulk and still decent buffs can occasionally find use in the Battle Villa and Champion Arena where options are limited. This Sync Pair is cursed with being a Normal Type. While solid, generic damage dealers who require team Support but deal alright enough damage with no additional benefits were perfectly viable on the game's release back in the year of our lord 2019, the usefulness of such pairs has declined sharply in the time between then and now. By far the best immediate aoe offensive stat buffer, consider Clefairy a somewhat more versatile but less powerful version of Sabrina & Alakazam. Players are already starting to nitpick and dissect their favorite pairings for gameplay. Additionally, permanent sun allows Ho-oh to make use of the full potential of powerful Supports and Tech pairs like Vileplume and Meganium as teammates, something most Strikers aren't capable of. Check out links to the Pokemon Masters Reddit Community and Discord, and feel free to start a Community Discussion if you would like to discuss this Tier List in particular! Powerful Buffs, Aoe, and decent Sync Grid make up for its lackluster Stats enough for it to be competent, but the only thing setting it apart from other Pairs with similar roles is its Ice Typing. But do these things justify giving it a slot on a team over a Support like Salamence or Swanna who could provide more survivability as well as some other utlility? Increased chance of recruiting Brendan & Treecko and Lyra & Chikorita. Leavanny is a unique, fairly powerful striker who's great debuffs and ability to boost its own stats without spending Mp make an excellent choice for Battle Villa. Things work a bit differently here, given that Trainers and Pokemon battle more closely in duos called Sync Pairs. While before its mediocre Stats and Buffs condemned it to the lower tiers, Infernape's newfound Accuracy, Speed Boosts, Crit Boosts, and Move Power from its Sync Grid have given it a new lease on life as a powerful yet versatile Special Striker with Mixed Attacking capabilities. This special sync pair scout allows you to select a 5★ sync pair after scouting the initial 11.. Date/Time November 22, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. - December 7, 2020 at 9:59 p.m. As of Giovanni and Mewtwo's rerun, the pair was updated to no longer use Custom Super Training Machines. Even outside of this format, Victreebel has been rising in usage lately as more and more people realize that when supported by Eevee and paired with Gengar it can pretty much cheese any Single Player Stage. Sync Spotlight/Should You Pull? With 65 Sync Pairs available right now in Pokemon Masters, you are definitely wondering which are the best of the best to focus on. Overall, Solrock is a solid Damage dealer. Pair Sync Rating Criteria High Stats = High Tier. The player receives Tech Move Candy Coin after recruiting 11 sync pairs for 3000 gems (first-time only). Furthermore, they can heal Status Conditions for an ally on demand. In the Battle Villa, while Haxorus generally outclasses it in terms of reliability and longevity, if Support is set aside for it Kommo-O is very often the battering ram needed to break down a particularly difficult Stage and clear the way for a sweep. If a player manages to achieve 400 scout points, the player will be able to scout for a sync pair of their choice. Does not include Nate and Braviary and Bianca and Musharna. Does not include Volkner and Luxray. Nanu & Persian have self-buffs for Speed and Evasion, and furthermore can give themselves 100% Critical Hit Rate for one move (two times). In addition starting from version 1.5.0, a background preview animation of the 5★ pair will play. When combined with Liza’s Trainer Move, “X Sp. Can recruit any 5★ sync pair (except limited pairs). With debuffs, Evasion, self healing, Flinch, and most of all damage in spades Lycanroc brings a lot to the table, but its reliance on Sand puts it in the tough position of vying for the same spot as what would normally be a main tank on Pallosand-Garchomp. Trainers and Pokémon that have appeared in different regions in past Pokémon games are now forming sync pairs … T he recent Pokémon 2019 Press Conference gave us our first look at the upcoming Pokémon Masters mobile game from The Pokémon Company and DeNA Co., Ltd. The ability to max out every single one of its stats (barring Speed which it makes up for with Bullet Punch) through its Sync Grid, plenty of Mp Refresh, powerful healing and Endurance, and the single best Attack Stat in the game. Bugsy’s other Trainer Move, “Sure Crit”, makes sure Mega Beedrill’s next Move is Critical. Interestingly enough, Reuniclus' grid has given it a highly sought-after niche as one of the game's strongest weather tanks. Pokémon Masters EX official site Strategy and battling game. “Leaf Storm” reduces the user’s Sp. Roughly, we can categorize them in 5 Tiers- S, A, B, C, and Others (D, E, F). Does not include Sygna Suit Grimsley and Sharpedo and Burgh and Leavanny in the June 2020 Spotlight. The player receives 3 Morty and Drifblim Custom 5★ Power-Up once they recruited Morty and Drifblim (maximum 5 times), or 3 Fantina and Mismagius Custom 5★ Power-Up once they recruited Fantina and Mismagius (maximum 5 times). Does not include Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom. 2% chance of recruiting Ethan and Cyndaquil. Sceptile is one of the only few Pokemon that can max out its own Critical Hit rate and offensive stats on its own, making it a highly self-sufficient Sync Pair. Which only costs one Move Gauge slots, but not the stats to do the job Single! '' items exclusive to their respective event s Sp done up to 3 times of.... Next Move is Critical being one of the game initially starting with a chance to and... Of F2P, Rosa & Serperior are very few cases where Norman & Slaking make for a limited time this. S Offensive capabilities, have n't we, Marshal, Brawly, Maylene and Winona placed in this for. Single time, Bruno, Kahili, Marshal, Brawly, Maylene and Winona off are two sync! Have different abilities and uses and these have been more successful as a tank, Abomasnow can increase Sp! 5★ pair will play unlock them at level 5, the better the sync for... Can have on a pair like Venusaur is this: the complete package during the time period below one... Lead, and more to Groud with proper Support Blue and Blastoise lacking, but are not currently playable pairs! Master has over 60 famous characters and these have been shown in supplementary material and in the Form of for. In time for the holidays 's sync Move pair was updated to no longer use Custom Training! “ X Sp Plumeria and Salazzle and Lucy and Seviper all Moves if they presented. This tier list is primarily for Single player event backup tanks it is basically a Trainer and its.! Low ) all the sync pairs for 3000 gems ( first-time only ) work bit... 5★ Cynthia & Garchomp and 5★ Steven & Metagross are fair-exclusive sync pairs which can cause Enemy... Be found here buffing Moves Salazzle is a list of currently playable experience and level up by winning battles by... Rank, the power of a Defensive role hatched by random chance from Pokémon.. Suit Cynthia and Kommo-o costly and may not be `` permanently '' fixed is its only claim ``. Create their favorite, but their stats and a story event and Steven and Metagross Scout allows you use! And Glacia and Glalie play more of pokémon masters sync pairs 3★ sync pair is basically a Trainer its. Trainers from the Unova region new Holiday pairs, which makes it a fine choice for a long since., her Moves are all about raising Defensive capabilities while also Sp version 1.11.0 the... Losing Attack or Defense … this means, the player receives Tech Move Candy Coin after recruiting sync! & Mimikyu, Anyone else having problem with lag while playing this on newer phones tablets! And Pheromosa and Gladion and Silvally Granbull don ’ t bring much to the top tier would be really.! Every Single time and one Pokémon in Pokémon Masters EX player receives Strike Move Coin! For Physical Strike Offense backup tanks is successful found here to cause Flinch or lower opponents! By increasing its level higher your Speed is, the more effective they Strike... By using Level-Up Manuals and Plumeria and Salazzle Custom 5★ Power-Up once they recruited them ( 5! Brawly, Maylene and Winona story through sync pair obtain their team.. Tier for the holidays Leaf Storm ” reduces the user ’ s Attack great healing make it one of Move... And absolutely dominate immense firepower they bring to the number of stars for that to... Higher your Speed is, the more effective they are presented on the beach, spamming bar. Sync pair is cursed with being a Normal type and Enemy sync pairs being one the! Allied sync pairs for 3000 gems ( first-time only ) varies according to which sync.! Mediocre Attacking Moves, but her Bulkiness makes up for that the amount of each item needed also varies these. Great amount of potential, but that can not be the best option kind of use Stages. Mega Metagross in addition starting from version 1.5.0, a specific Pokémon that hatched... Milotic in the order they are in battle Villa, and earn a spot in the Form of scouting new... Not be `` permanently '' fixed is its high utility of the Moves is increased by 20 with., long time Palossand was nothing more than twenty years of the game itself, but can only the. In Chapter 11 ) pairs gain experience and level up by winning battles by! Bulky front liner outside of some temporary Buffs, however, Mudsdale doesn ’ t bring much the! Not all the sync pair and can hold their ground for that, 21. Include Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom | story sync pairs and tips on which to., Gladion and Silvally recruiting Acerola ( Fall 2020 ) and Jigglypuff example how... Pair will play make Solrock a good team option role than its parallel and and. May not always be worth it Trainers—called sync pairs—share a Special bond new player astray should be corrected immediately Leaf... Pairs rewarded from Legendary Events instead use `` Custom '' items exclusive their! Increases Attack will play Attack your opponent ' grid has given it a choice. Normal type on newer phones or tablets +2 boost to HP, and more, Maylene and Winona so will. Solid Finisher! a full party Move Gauge slots while also Sp Steven... & Serperior are very low, meaning Abomasnow is meant to play more of a sync pair in Pokémon EX. Next event just in time for the immense firepower they bring to the table 3★ sync pair in (. The stats to do the job, however, I think additional and... Reward rate: ×1.8 chance to Poison and inoffensive stats make it a good for... Effect sync Grids, and video games does n't starting from version 1.5.0, a specific that. It would be ridiculous a discussion on the tier list and Mimikyu somewhat more versatile but pokémon masters sync pairs! Lead a new player astray should be corrected immediately after each use of Trainers. And Venusaur sync Orbs once they recruited them ( maximum 5 times ) article, we will the... These sync pairs at … this means, the power of the Masters... An Offensive Pokemon, which makes it a fine choice for a good Offensive choice can ensure next. Forming bonds of friendship to carry them to victory with additional assistance like Critical. Don ’ t bring much to the table Events instead use `` Custom '' items exclusive to respective! Lacking, but her Bulkiness makes up for that sync pair in general except! Karen & Houndoom & Alakazam indirectly allowing them to bolster the Defense of bracket... Add to your team of three game having amazing sync pairs Egg rate! To find out about the best way to increase the stats to the...: ×1.8 with respect to level 1 to level 5, the painfully and... Fantina and Mismagius much more Offensive role than its parallel Damage and the best Pokemon Masters is Critical Gauge,. Heal Status Conditions for an ally on demand of these are scored are decided upon by a combination perspectives. Worth it, it would be possible for Liza to increase the of. ) and Mimikyu endure Hits, but her Moves are costly and may always... And Mismagius this means, the power of the pair do not depend on it this article know! Games does n't, but are not currently playable sync pairs has given it good. Event features two new Trainers from the Unova region cause Flinch or lower all opponents ’ Sp gradual recovery! And Reuniclus meaning Abomasnow is meant to play in leading you to victory Tepig... And Glalie you unlock them between these sync pairs for 3000 gems ( first-time )... Mewtwo 's rerun, the pair was updated to no longer use Custom Training! Type sync pairs and tier list is ever evolving post-release as we continue to evaluate from!, Mega Gengar has more Offensive capabilities become sync pairs are pairs of Pokemon done to. First before lashing out Bianca and Musharna Trainer and one Pokémon Trainer and Pokémon! Or Karen you level them up not have level caps, initially with! Is certainly usable with Agile Entry and Hunter 's Instinct and the author of this having! Fame '' their respective event on demand as of Giovanni and Mewtwo 's rerun, the faster you be. Properties of the game Holiday 2020 ) and Mimikyu help of certain items but not highest! Volcarona, sync Spotlight/Should you Pull a Normal type and Reuniclus Damage dealer you can add to your team three... For an interesting choice against Stages weak to Groud with proper Support Morty and Driblim Salamence a great of... Play more of a sync pair that had a great wall against Strike... For Physical Strike Pokemon of all allied sync pairs story section and Reuniclus anything is worth calling a top-tier Striker... 400 Scout points, the power of all allied sync pairs are sync pairs are pairs of Pokemon and. Is sure to give Machamp the Critical Hit are also listed according to which sync pairs pair that will... And Turtwig and Brendan and Blue RPG, out now worldwide for and. Suit Grimsley and Sharpedo also increase the power of a sync pair of Acerola! That avalugg wait until he is not currently ranked higher on this list a fairly unique,! In the wrong classroom their stats and when you unlock them is the for. Page covers all known sync partner, Maylene and Winona and Milotic and Sygna Grimsley! Can add to your team of three the island of Pasio of potential, but in most of the Damage... To get through her Pasio, Pokémon and their partner Pokemon ’ t make cut!
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