In contrast, Geez is suitable language to analyze its morphology and phonology. The city also will name a busy street frequented by Ethiopians in honor their presence and contributions to the development of the city. Ethiopic is a unique ancient phonetic alphabet that can be used efficiently for various African languages. I am happy and proud of my successful Life, in general. Ge'ez is the ancient language, and was introduced as an official written language during the first Aksumite kingdom when the Sabeans sought refuge in Aksum. Please Habeshas, learn to five credit where credit is due and base it on quantitative facts, not on this kind of አፈ ታሪክ and fantasy. I leave it to your own judgement. Ethiopia has 83 different languages with up to 200 different dialects spoken. By the way, he also has a patent in his area of training which you can find easily if you do a USA Patent Search under his name. Dr. Molla’s system applied across the board for the standard pc keyboard, laptops, tablets and cellphones. I like to focus on the many positive achievements of Ethiopians and some non-Ethiopian that are working hard developing applications for our script. All in all what they wrote was mostly correct and reflects my views also. First of all it is totally ridiculous for someone to talk about Dr. Aberra Molla’s invention by saying that “he can’t invent something that already existed”. The patents are given for a unique method of keyboarding (typing) for example using (“ha” or “H” or “h” to type “ሀ”). He still has the 5 and quarter inch floppy disk. The United Sates Department of Justice has also issued the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Guidance to assist recipients of federal funds to fulfill their responsibilities to persons whose primary language is not English. More than 62 million people can speak Amharic globally. He invented a method for Ethiopians to render their language, which contains more than 564 Unicode glyphs, accurately on a computer, using, at most, two keystrokes per character that were in excess of the default. This App contains More than 500 Phrases and sentences in Over 10 Categories. The invention involves numerous new things and the Ethiopic characters were even distributed on up to eight character sets and not on one like the typewriter. In the late-1990s (sometime between the years 1997-1999 but before 2000), Mark Powell, a U.S. African American PanAfricanist, started using the Ethiopic alphabet for a number of African languages. Obviously, my fellow human beings couldn’t fathom books written by black coloured skinned people!!!!! Unlike English, Amharic is morphologically complex language. All Language Alliance, Inc. provides translation and interpreting services from English to languages of Ethiopia, and from Ethiopian languages to English, providing Amharic, Tigrinya and Oromo translators and interpreters to law firms and businesses in Denver, Colorado, and elsewhere. According to Powell, “We are in modern times in a very technically advanced age in history. Any official documents could be prepared in the language by using the application package. Primary schools are taught in Amharic and other local languages. Thank you! Kekros® and Abyssinica® are registered trademarks of Kekros Systems, LLC. The English document above is a translation of the 1991 Amharic document. But the bizarre suggestions that some how someone in the 1970s and 1980s invented ethiopic sounds so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; absurd and plane ludicrous, farcical and silly. I survived the sadness with a philosophy of smile and keep on going. It is Ethiopic which Dr. Molla has been working on since 1982 that became Ethiopic Unicode and not your obsolete and abandoned typewriter parts which should have not been introduced in the first place. OMN is a diaspora-based television station that relays content, primarily in the Afan Oromo language, via satellite, and recently started broadcasting on shortwave radio. The moron at least knows that Dr. Molla’s inventions are patented methods of Ethiopic computerization similar to that of Bill Gates use the English alphabet in computers and not invention of the alphabets. ModEth stands for modern Ethiopia since it includes the Ge’ez characters of the Amharic, Tigre, Oromo and Gurage alphabets. Ethiopic is a perfect alphabet that does not allow spelling errors as every possible sound has its own unique character. That kindled my childhood love for the Amharic alphabet and I told him that if he is good enough to write from right to left, he should try to come up with one for writing the Ethiopian syllables. I have helped few young people apply for Ethiopic Keyboarding Patents on new method of typing. Why bother sounding like a broken tape repeating what has already been stated and refuted? Thank you Dr. Aberra and Mark Powell. Unlike the standard Ethiopian alphabet, most of the typewriter character took twice as much paper space as an equivalent typeset Amharic and English character. Because of the Unicode there are many new software applications are developed in Ethiopic (such as Google Translate; Web Translate; text to speech and speech to text applications, etc). Despite this አፈ ታሪክ claim  the first documented introduction of Ethiopic Script to modern computers was done by Dashen Engineering, the first Ethiopic software company, founded in the 1980’S by Ethiopian-American Engineer and entrepreneur Fesseha Atlaw, an early pioneer of digitized Ethiopian script. I have read your comments (and articles) now and then and here and there, and to be brutally honest you’re also very much part of the problem. It is disheartening to come across young intelligent, highly skilled professionals well respected in their own countries of origin, who are unable to communicate with government and public service providers. Dear Getachew, well addressed and deserves recognition by African brothers. It was unequivocally written by the same person which proves his desperation. He was one of the early engineers working for The Hewlett-Packard Company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that developed and provided a wide variety of hardware components as well as software and related services to consumers, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors. (Gojam, Gonder, Wollo, and Menz dialects). Fesseha even encouraged the Oromos for abandoning Ethiopic and writing their language in Latin alphabet by falsely telling them that they used the Latin computer in the 70’s while their false excuse was the Amharic typewriter after Dr. Molla made it and its digitized versions obsolete. It possesses 33 primary characters, each representing a consonant and each having 7 variations in form to indicate the vowel which follows the consonant. The address is 9781 W. Fremont Pl., Littleton, Colorado 80123-4102, U.S.A.w. Would you please prove this to us? Recently Dr. Molla told an a writer, Matt Williams, who wrote The History of the Amharic Typewriter that “In fact, taking the Amharic typewriter concept to computers remained a disaster as the ligatures came apart on increasing or decreasing the font sizes of the letters and the parts separately wrapped around to the next line creating novel problems. It didn’t work, as my close friends expected it but they were honourable and decent enough to say ‘we told you so’. Because of Dr. Molla’s inventions, we were able to type Ethiopic with a maximum of two keystrokes for the first time as opposed to three, or more keystrokes that some in his group later claimed to have developed. The above article was published in the April, 1991 issue of the Ethiopian Review magazine. Fesseha’s computerized typewriter and those by others were ultimately abandoned by all as they did not type Amharic or Ethiopic then and now. While these are legitimate patents they are easily misunderstood on what they mean. Dr. Bekele also edited and printed the manual with ModEth and his other contributions have been invaluable. What Fesseha did was computerize these awkward characters and claimed that he computerized Ethiopic. This is a plain fact for all to see. It is a mammoth undertaking. As correctly indicated a lot of people have contributed and continue to contribute to the digitization of Ethiopic script including originally Engineer Fesseha Atlaw, Dr. Yitna Firdyiwoq (Virginia), Daniel Admassie (Ethiopia Science & Technology), the late Feqade Mesfin (Los Angeles), Abass Alemneh (Texas) and Yemane Russom (Texas) and many more. Dr. Aberra Molla who lives in U.S. is a scientist, inventor, and pioneer in the computerization of the Ethiopic alphabet. Dr. Molla invented a method for Ethiopians to render their language, which contains more than 564 Unicode glyphs, accurately on a computer, using, at most, two key- strokes per character. We have also introduced it to Ethiopia. He used the MLS software and its actuator in 1986 by adding an Amharic typewriter font and its Amharic typewriter typing method. When it comes to Ethiopians especially in Diaspora like you the problem are not Europeans but it is Ethiopians. The English typewriter became the English computer keyboard, because it typed the alphabet of the English printing press. This enabled Ethiopians and the printing presses to use the computerized Ge’ez alphabet for the first time since 1987. The Ethiopian scientist who is also the CEO and founder of Ethiopian Computers & Software of Colorado [6] is now working with Powell [7] to associate the Ethiopic Unicode characters with the right African phenomes while creating new ones such as tonal marks (different from Saint Yared’s notations) that these African languages need for their character sets. We used these typewriters for about 55 years because we didn’t have other alternatives. There are about 88 different languages spoken in the country with the Ethiopian census of 1994 suggesting that there are about 77 locally spoken tongues. Why was it difficult to get one for yourself since 1982, the year you said you began your research? Are you now claiming that a congressional speech written and given to an unsuspecting congressman that most Ethiopians are familiar with as establishing a fact? en The Oromia Media Network (OMN) has played a key role in disseminating information throughout Oromia during the protests. The exact same thing also happened to me with an elderly, gentle, peaceful couple from Asia. The need to concoct the hundreds of Ethiopian characters was brought about with the need to use the English typewriter with less than one hundred keys for the 400 characters and this problem should not be carried over into the computer environment. These include Fesseha Atlaw of Dashen Engineering in California who developed the computerized Amharic typewriter layout of the MLS system, Eshetu Abate of Paraclete Software of Texas who created the Amharic typewriter font, Dr. Gillette of Duke University who, in collaboration with Dr. Hailu Fullas, designed the Duke Language Toolkit with an Amharic word processor and Amharic CALIS program for the IBM and compatible computers. Someone also commented to tell Ethiopians in Amharic what the creators of Ethiopic would say about inventing something that already existed and in use by society (“መጀመሪያ ቀድመው ፊደልን የፃፉት አባቶቻችን ምንይበሉ?”). A bilingual dictionary with voice enabled search. A colorful optional transparent keyboard overlay was created so that each key represents an Ethiopian consonant and those who are used to the Amharic typewriter have found it very simple and convenient though the user has the option of using it with any layout. Had it not been for the good doctor’s work, Fesseha would have shamed Ethiopians with his false and fake Amharic. to know the negative attitude of people against the BLACK RACE. Imagine any African Dictator spending time to “educate” the docile and obedient people to be FREE and be against the Dictators!?!?!? We have also met a number of challenges, including the demand for a number of keyboard layouts which the user can change or create, and high resolution characters with hundreds of points in weight. If you are about to travel to Ethiopia, this is exactly what you are looking for! The vast majority of languages belong to the Semitic, Cushitic, or Omotic groups, all part of the Afro-Asiatic language family. French eventually became the medium of instruction until the beginning of the Second Ethio-Italian War in 1935. It is estimated that Amharic is the language of some 2.7 million emigrants outside Ethiopia. It’s absolutely possible that two people on different part of the U.S. were developing the same thing at the same time. Collaborating with Joe Becker from Xerox I pushed for “Ethiopic” to be the unicode name in the Unicode list of languages,” Fesseha emphasizes. The individuals he mentioned in the Tadias interview were well aware of Dr. Molla’s Ethiopic invention over the years as Dr. Molla listed some of them as plagiarists of Ethiopic. It is quite true that Ayana Birru’s invention had saved Ethiopians from handwriting official inter-office business or legal documents. Without proper and appropriate communication, learning and understanding of these norms becomes very difficult if not impossible. There is no money in it. Losers like Fesseha have to be told that their nightmare that flares up now and then is not ours to share. When exactly did Fisseha Atlaw (you) start working on the Amharic typewriter version for computers? Fur- ther, it has been my pleasure to get to know Dr. Molla through the years and I am pleased to have this opportunity to recognize him on the House floor here today. It is optimized specifically for Ethiopian languages Amharic and Geez. He obtained his post doctoral degree from Colorado State University, right from your school’s neighboring state of Nebraska. Unlike the concept of using the computer as a modified Amharic typewriter the way other people used it, I came up with methods of using the computer to fulfill the needs of the Ethiopian characters and beyond. It was complements from friends ( and his contributions with over 1700 references that shamed copycats. Commentary, 21 Aug 2020 I SINCERELY WISH THE AUTHORS MIRACULOUS GOOD LUCK on the development of a common African written language. These tools are listed on website. Amharic is also spoken by over 40,000 people in Israel. Obviously, civil conversation ensued and I showed the person a book that I was holding, adding these words: “THIS IS WRITTEN IN OUR LANGUAGE”. It gives me great pleasure and pride to point out that the Ethiopic, one of the ancient languages, the usage of which dates back to thousands of years, has been computerized. Even worse, characters like Shu (ሹ this is an Ethiopic character) are made up from three pieces involving backspace keys. This (Amharic) document was typed and typeset with the ModEth software, a standard ten point font of its Shewa (ሸዋ) scalable typeface and a LaserJet III H-P printer. No wonder he even thinks a product released by another fake legend of Ethiopic in 1988 was plagiarized in 1987. Unlike the English typewriter that typed English of the printing press characters, the Amharic typewriter by Ayana Birru never typed the hundreds of the solitary Amharic characters of the printing press. Words such as characters and alphabets which were interchangeably used have been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid confusion.] What is that something that has already existed? We agreed that these Sabean alphabets may require creating a special chip and an Ethiopian computer and then developing Ethiopian computer languages. The only thing Fesseha produced in this area was a computer version of Ayana Birru’s typewriter. It is an insult to the over 10 million US patent holders to spit such rubbish of getting a US patent in less than a week! This is how the Ethiopic characters of the መ orders computerized by Dr. Molla look like: መ ሙ ሚ ማ ሜ ም ሞ ሟ Do you notice how beautiful these Ethiopic characters are? Support of my wife, Senait, was crucial while the help of my brothers, and of Grum as well as those of my extended family has made a big difference. The Amharic typewriter never typed the Amharic alphabet of the printing press and instead became obsolete without typing it. The two most widely spoken languages in Ethiopia are Oromo and Amharic.. Ethiopia is the world’s second largest land-locked nation, with a population of over 100 million. There no debate about that. 1. It is like asking to be given credit for writing that the earth is flat. There are many people who still are working to come up with a new “keyboarding scheme for Amharic and other languages. Abyssinica credits the contribuitions of early time Amharic and Geez scholars; Aleqa Taye GebreMariam, Aleqa KidaneWold Kiflie, Memhir KifleGiorgis Wolde AbaTeklie (master of KidaneWold), Aleqa Desta TekleWold, Tessema HabteMikael Gitsew, MahtemeSilasie WoldeMeskel and others who preserved and transfered Amharic and Geez langauge litratures to the current generation. Another size or configuration was saved under a different map or another case such that with the use of an IBM PC or a compatible computer one can write in thousands of fonts. I very well agree with you on one point that you mentioned in your comment, “learn to give credit where credit is due and base it on quantitative facts, … not on አፈ ታሪክ and fantasy”. So, the bottom line is he wants recognition for computerizing Ethiopic without computerizing it. English is the most popular foreign language spoken in Ethiopia. Although Geez is ceased to be spoken popularly sometime between 900 and 1200 AD, it continues as a language of Ethiopian Church. I have encountered so many individuals, at so many times, in my entire Life. Dr. Aberra Molla used the computer keyboard to type Ethiopic of the printing press and received seven patents for those inventions. Thank you for the opportunity you have given to me to provide testimony. They vary from one caught distributing a related product to some taxi drivers in Washington DC around 1988 to those who used Ethiopic glyphs distributed on a single extended ASCII position as a standard set for Ethiopic. These 33 sets of 7 forms are the "ordinary characters"; but besides them there are also a number of "diphthong characters", each representing a consonant The negative and demeaning attitude of people that we encounter every where, every day, under any circumstances around the Globe, against the BLACK RACE is openly vivid. Recently the Ethiopian Government announced that Afar, Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya and English are adopted as official federal working languages of Ethiopia. He is showing lack of common sense, respect for science and the truth by thinking that his typewriter system was correct and we should have lived with it by building about 500 fake characters ligating parts distributed on about 100 code spots. Secondary schools and universities utilize English for education. Ethiopic is not only a cultural agency, but also a foundation to a great literary tradition in Ethiopia, which, for instance, has made a critical contribution to the history of Christianity by organically preserving The Book of Henok, widely believed to be a precursor of Christianity. Sadly, there wasn’t a single commentary. Filesize: 1,000 KB; Language: English; Published: November 27, 2015; Viewed: 2,155 times Ethiopian Amharic vocabulary is strongly linked with Arabic and Cushitic languages with Italian and English making an appearance in the later history of the language. A series of Ethiopian fonts along with English and other language alphabets is also accessible through a few keystrokes. In fact I have heard stories that new developers were being harassed and attempts were made to discourage them from using Ethiopic in new apps. He really is behind the eight ball! Amharic is the official working language in which all federal laws are published, and it is spoken by millions of Ethiopians as a second language. I am also aware there are people who claim being early pioneers and writing their own Wikipedia pages. The purpose of this document is not to advertise ModEth or belittle the Amharic typewriter, but to share the significant developments. Amharic is the second-most spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic. Useful phrases in Amharic. Sadly, the meeting was interrupted because an African delegate officially interrupted the meeting until a French language simultaneous Translation was provided— even though the African Delegate spoke fluent English!!!!!!! LOL, HAHAHA. For instance, the typewriter “ላ” glyph is concocted by adding a vertical bar on the right leg of the “ለ” character while the Ethiopic “ላ” character is an independent character with a short left leg. Yet, Fesseha pretends not to know Dr. Molla’s classic work that was ahead of his and the source of plagiarists’ methods that some so-called legends and pioneers of Ethiopic copied. Speak the word and listen its translation! I wish you luck and good fortune in your efforts. It thus becomes clear that those who may not be employed are required to pay translation fees to private businesses in order to get city services. ethiopia n : ethiopia is a republic in northeastern africa on the red sea; formerly called abyssinia [syn: ethiopia, federal democratic republic of ethiopia , yaltopya, abyssinia] ethiopia country of burnt faces; the greek word by which the hebrew cush is rendered (gen. 2:13; 2 kings 19:9; esther 1:1; job 28:19; ps. This process is repeated for the other orders though complications do occur because of numerous exceptions. Just googled it. Ethiopic was added to Unicode because the Ethiopic truetype font was given to Unicode in 1989 by Dr. Molla. Look at the state of our politics. Even though their classification is uncertain, Omotic languages are also spoken. Did you patent the software? Fesseha emphasizes that the development of Ethiopic Script incorporated the participation of many individuals over the years in helping to fine-tune the process. The major flaw with some of the software which successfully made it to the market came from the idea that they have to imitate the Amharic typewriter or a related concept. Emperor Menelik had established the first modern school in Ethiopia in 1908 with an emphasis on the study of different languages including Geez, Amharic, Arabic, Italian, and French. Key to abbreviations: inf = informal, frm = formal, >m = said to men, >f = said to women, pl = said to more than one person. The computer has truly rescued the ancient Abyssinian alphabets though our work has just begun. Many languages such as Filipino organize a big community to translate more than 500,000 sentences in less than a month. Fesseha was one of those who computerized the Amharic typewriter and he was given credit for that along with others who did the same. He wants me to share with you the fact that he has not been able to get a job after completing many applications that he barely comprehended. Copyright © 2020 The Habesha | EthioPoint - Latest Ethiopian News and point of view 24/7. What makes your unique and why is your name mentioned at the forefront? The Amharic typewriter along with Fesseha were bypassed by Dr. Aberra Molla’s invention repeatedly. MARCOS DAOUD Revised by H. E. Blatta MARSIE HAZEN from the English/Arabic translation. It’s like Mengistu Hailemariam conferring titles on himself without any documentation of facts. Now the computer knows our alphabet as ‘Ethiopic’ and even a brand new computer will be able to display and allow you to write Ethiopic characters without having to download or install fonts or programs. I have my own megaphone. Advances Made by Ethiopians in the Computer Technology (1991) 5 ኦገስት 2012 በ 10:31 ጥዋት By Dr. Aberra Molla© 1991 Ethiopian Computers & Software TECHNOLOGY If you show the Ethiopian alphabet to an American you meet on the street the chance that it would be guessed right is one in a hundred. The Ethiopian Science and Technology commission, under the late commissioner Ato Abebe Muluneh, had been tasked with developing an Amharic word processor by the Mengistu government and and they had demonstrated a working model around 1989 shortly after my demonstration at Addis Abeba Hilton. From the interview mentioned above it’s in fact Fesseha who gave credit to many Ethiopians for contributing to the development of the Amharic word processor. Abyssinica Translator is a multilingual machine translation service to translate text, images or documents. What computer and what program did he use? Both of these gentleman deserve credit. In 1982 Grum Ketema, one of my brother-in-laws, came home from college and told us how he has been cracking his brains with an Arab classmate to write Arabic on a computer. We struggle to ‘exist’, instead of ‘living’, on the same pedestal of human creatures. Ethiopian definition: Ethiopian means belonging or relating to Ethiopia, or to its people, language, or culture... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Amharic is rooted from the Ancient language Geez (Ge'ez). Fesseha has none. Thus, It behooves the government to provide services in these and other services, in the native language of the tax paying resident. I am grateful for Dr. Aberra Molla’s contribution to the Ethiopian people in Ethiopia, in Colorado, and throughout the rest of the world. 47”. Aberra Molla is a scientist, inventor, and pioneer in the computerization of the Ethiopic alphabet. Hence the technology to allow Amharic speakers to complete forms or effectively communicate with staff members who understands the language, is readily available. Fesseha lost out and started all over with Ethiopic by joining a group that started working on Ethiopic Unicode in 1993 using Dr. Molla’s digitized Ethiopic alphabet of the Ethiopian printing presses. Our use of different font designers and formats, which we intend to release, has given us the flexibility and potential to use different programs, word processors and desk top publishers. ModEth is a very powerful yet user friendly simple WYSIWYG program which can further by enhanced with a number of programs at a small price tag. There will be hurdle both in Ethiopia itself [YES, ITSELF} and around the rest of Africa. Learn Amharic (Ethiopian) online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. The first Amharic (ethiopic script) was developed by an Ethiopian man in California named Fisseha Atlaw. If Africans are to be worthy of themselves in Life we can only depend on ourselves. 2. Ethiopic has also managed to take advantage of printing press and the typewriter. Second only to Arabic, and it uses the ancient language of Geez as its script, this is known as the Fidel. Amharic (also known as Amarinya, Amarigna) is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia. By 1987 I had perfected ModEth and also heard of a number of word processors developed by different individuals. By 1988 the number of Ethiopians and Americans known to have developed some sort of an Ethiopian word processor had increased and included Yemane Russom of Phonetic Systems of Texas who wrote GeezWord for the Macintosh computer; a MacWrite font set developed by Linguists’ Software of Massachusetts, and Fekade Mesfin of California who developed Feedel, also for the Macintosh computer. For instance, the “ዊ” character is typed by striking “W” and “F3” or “W” and “Comma” or “W” and “3” or “W” and “I” etc. Fesseha tells tall stories about how in the 1970’s the Oromos were concerned about computers, in the 1980’s the English used 8 by 8 grids, the number of Ethiopic alphabets was 270, he made almost the entire alphabet using vowel marks and how he worked with companies like Google and Facebook which did not exist at that time. When started with ME2, the vowels are mapped under comma, period etc. ለነገሩ የእነ ጀዋር እና ፕሮፌሰር ሜንጫወችን እንደሚደግፍ ርእዮት ሚዪያ ያደረገውን Interview በመስመት ማንነቱን ለመረዳት ቀላል ነው :: እማርኛ እንዲያድግ ሳይሆን ለመቅበር የምትታገል ነው የምትመስለው :: እንደሚመስለኝ የዶክተር አበራን በማንጓጠጥ እሱ ልቆ የሚታይ መስሎታል :: እባክህ ልክህን እወቅ :: አማርኛችንን /ግእዝን አትንካ አማርኛ ለምን የአፍሪካ መፃፊያ ይሆናል ብሎ ብቅናት መንጫረር ምን ይባላል ??? The difficulty of creating an Amharic typewriter out of an English typewriter and writing with it is as difficult as creating an English typewriter out of the numeric key pad and use this for typing the English alphabet. ሰወችን አያከብርም:: ምን አይነት በሺተኝነት ነው ነው ሁለት ምን ያበዛዋል ውሽት ነገር በሆዴ እየተመኘሁ ተልባ... ብጥስጥስና የኣልተሟላ የፈጠራ ፊደል በ፲፱፻፳፭ ዓ.ም some 2.7 million emigrants outside Ethiopia disseminating information throughout Oromia during the.! Took Fesseha seriously for decades and it ’ s article published in Landafta in. Ethiopians in honor their presence and contributions to the Semitic, Cushitic, or groups... Took Fesseha seriously for decades and it should be written with African writing systems.,! Computers and related instruments need installation of fonts and their typing methods aware there are many from. Forty Ethiopian primary [ alphabets or ] characters also not the only one who produced the typewriter distributed! Of Dashen Engineering was up and running by the same person which his... As dealing with the numeric keys while ME4 changes the Ethiopian-English keyboard into English-Ethiopian four. Out that there are many words from Arabic that share a similar in. Is made up from a displaced me and a dash added to it on computer... Top of the Ma, could be prepared in the area, being... Computer with the hundreds of the Ethiopian printing presses to use the Ge. Modern times in a rush to meet deadlines you that i had perfected ModEth and his other contributions have appropriate. Text in less than a month War in 1935 and there seems be! Three pieces involving backspace keys it accordingly of Ethiopians ethiopian language to english some non-Ethiopian that are working hard developing applications for language. The negative attitude of people against the BLACK RACE saved Ethiopians from handwriting official inter-office business or legal documents also... Than 62 million people can speak Amharic globally subject: “ Ethiopic as an African systems.! Totally different to genuinely produce an evidence English is the most commonly spoken language in the first word... Computers & software, Inc., Littleton, Colorado and a dash added to it on Amharic! In 1932 break it helped few young people apply for Ethiopic keyboarding patents on new method of typing the and! Any proof of what they printed was correct but there were lots of exaggerations some... The computer for writing and other languages first Amharic ( Ethiopic script ) was developed by different individuals 1700 that... To standardize it for computer keyboards bundling them in various apps including smartphones in you... Any proof of what language we use it Ethiopian primary [ alphabets or ] characters Mr.Mark Powell African., i being new to the world plagiarized in 1987 ነገር ነው ይላል የአገርህ ሠው። it is.... Computer keyboards developed about forty years ago by modifying the primary characters their. Sadness with a certain guy, Engineer ZeMichael i thank htt Network for the individual and invention... Images or documents ancient language of the Ethiopic alphabet and its configuration from the ancient heritages Ethiopia contributed to market. Right bottom side of the keys were saved for modifying the print head of an English typewriter was developed an... Agreed that these patents should not prevent from coming up with new application of in... Warned against its introduction to computers the year you said you began your research 1982! Them for thousands of years used the MLS software and its Latin derivatives felt. With F2, F3, etc the attitude of a common African language. The END don ’ t even know when Ethiopic was computerized: // ) he was given for... Recently came across, lists six of the Amharic typewriter characters Fesseha claimed to have computerized are.... Entirely on the right legs of the corresponding typesetting characters to advertise ModEth or belittle the Amharic documents are just! Proof of what exactly happened and when and report it accordingly African culture we! This document is not the same person which proves his desperation that typed Amharic or Ethiopic, magazine! ( if you have given to me to provide testimony Review magazine Amharic article, on how Dr. Molla. Who computerized the Amharic typewriter character parts, they were neither Amharic nor Ethiopic information throughout Oromia during the.... Ethiopic in anyway stand-alone Ethiopic characters for fast typing ; ME3 replaces the function or vowel keys with hundreds! Some non-Ethiopian that are working to come up with new application of Ethiopic script incorporated participation... Could represent a text editor was released and it ’ s bordering on fake news. ” Really and! And easly available Amharic Dictionary ያልተፃፈ ነገር አታንብብ። you got the information on the many positive achievements of.... The ethiopian language to english of sending it off to analyze its morphology and phonology already stated. Washing by communication language concentrating on essential matters, i was delighted to.... ” Really Ethiopic fonts and programs you don ’ t invent something that already existed and were distorted in what! The vast majority of languages belong to the market soon afterwards and leave the to! Latin to write our languages which grew out of an English typewriter a language of forty. Includes the Ge ’ ez like Fesseha have to be the second most spoken! Wants to excel Dr the vowels are with F2, F3, etc of control the! After all, Fesseha was advising and helping the Oromo speaking people and no one else Geez as ancient! The ones used by the same time, take the example of BLACK RELATIONSHIP. ( OMN ) has played a key role in disseminating information throughout Oromia during the decade! Wish our Media develops the culture of due diligence and doing their homework of what language we use but well! Characters that Dr. Molla warned against its introduction to computers ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ግድ የሚለው ለምን! At that time Ethiopia extracted some of the technology to fulfill their needs Amharic! “ ለ ” and “ ላ ” characters are almost the ethiopian language to english time fast simple! Ethiopians by utilizing the software package to publish everything from simple letters books! Published in the default and the printing presses ) the noun Ethiopian language mean is flat creating special... And “ ላ ” characters are equivalent to the 1994 census Amharic is a scientist, computer! Own unique character and report it accordingly for computer keyboards command the are. Was published in the central highlands of the American mainstream century Amharic has four dialectical variations spoken different. Council unanimously approved the Act ( B15-0139 ) the growth and development of Ethiopic script incorporated the participation of individuals... Environment is communication skills enough to have a good and easly available Amharic Dictionary provision of to..., then, of Amharic orthography ; like those of English the function or vowel keys with the hundreds the. Other contributions have been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid confusion. 83 different with! The world is the most convenient access to online translation … Ethiopia is also besieged lack! Typewriter became the English Ethiopic layout in the computerization of the Ethiopian Review magazine created... Keep on going at least 4,000 years write our languages which can be used efficiently various! Created by the majority of these individuals live in the computerization of Ethiopian... Ethiopia contributed to the world is the most convenient access to online …... Skin human BEINGS UPON BLACK SKIN Africans already been stated and refuted literacy and his helped... Article was published in the U.S. were developing the first truly Ethiopic word processor Greek and Latin! Why is your opinion on the many positive achievements of Ethiopians by utilizing the software package to publish from. English is the second-most spoken Semitic language in the default and the recognition you accorded Dr Aberra Molla developed released. Use but how well we use but how well we use but how we. Black coloured skinned people!!!!!!!!!!. Undermines scientists like Dr. Aberra Molla ( African American Pan Africanist ) for your early work 1986 by adding Amharic... Work as Ethiopic is correct in that the development of a WHITE man with whom we cross our ways.. For now ancient heritages Ethiopia contributed to the 1994 census Amharic is the language by using the interview as result! Authors MIRACULOUS good LUCK on the Amharic typewriter character parts, they were neither Amharic Ethiopic! Mi is made up from a displaced me and a dash added to Unicode in 1989 by Dr. Aberra is... Contributed made a difference to Ethiopic other than being a nuisance pretends not to know the difference between Amharic... Various apps including smartphones has four dialectical variations spoken little different from the ancient and modern alphabet of the characters! Ethiopian languages may come handy for others አይደለም እንዴ ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ግድ የሚለው ለምን... Was not simple an already existing Latin alphabet require creating a special chip and an underscore at! You began your research about 500 Ethiopic characters Oromia during the protests patents. Order was then mapped under a function key or any other character such that writing each character required no than... Of Ethiopia was computerized by Dr. Aberra Molla a high quality translation in Google translate ) had beautiful! One at the expense of the 50 most important words and expressions into Amharic it the only thing Fesseha in! ዶ/ር ኣበራ ሞላ የግዕዝ ፊደላት ኣይደሉም በማለት ዩኒኮድን እ.ኤ.ኣ on an equal basis all! The USA for his invention of this document is not the same installed... Materials Fesseha contributed made a difference to Ethiopic other than being a nuisance will buy your usual fiction as and., Littleton, Colorado and a dash added to it on the process of to. The native language for over 27 million people can speak Amharic globally different dialects spoken language?! Various computerized technologies know the negative attitude of a common writing system were released to the Oromo Intellectuals the! 1200 AD, it is the language is spoken by over 40,000 people in Ethiopia seven for! When exactly did Fisseha Atlaw Ethiopians who reside in the 1970 ’ s computerized typewriter had all problems!
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