It is all farmland consisting of soybeans and corn as far as the eye can see. I really do. I just had the distinct feeling that that is what happened. He provides water and food for them (Psalm 104:10–11, 27–28), takes pity on them (Jonah 4:11), and does not forget them (Luke 12:6). Both the good and the bad experiences are what matters. The history and the religious acceptance of their purposes are pretty well defined and pretty much accurate. Maybe you might have this urge to go to a certain place. I immediately recognized Snowflaker there. I just did what I could trying to keep him alive. As there are some really stark differences between the two. In a way, it makes me feel bad. They cannot be both at once. Privacy Policy and Unfortunately, my little cat did not live long. Login to reply the answers Post; Brad. It includes the physical self, and the spirit self. Consciousness takes on wave behavior to leave the physical body. Aalders also urges that if the h were interrogative, we would expect an indicative verb rather than a participle. That means that even Christians do not go anywhere upon death. Contemporaneous human quantum physicists are just now recognizing that the quantum spirit exists; imagine what they would be able to understand given 200,000 years of study! It can also move about in the non-physical realm that surrounds our physical body. I like to think of that place as cat Heaven. He was there. The reader should understand that this attachment point is a very important one, but not the only one. There is no definitive statement in any visons or descriptions of heaven (apart from the aforementioned white horses) that include animals. Q: Will I see my Cat again?A: If you had a good relationship, the answer will be yes. It enables them to “seemingly” defy gravity. On the radio was playing a cassette from “Pebbles”. He had two characteristics that were noteworthy. When the song ended, he let out a calm sigh. I had a bag of groceries in the passenger side of the car, and I was driving home with it beside me. (Come on, cat owners, you know that this is true. They led me to it, and there in the middle of this place was a shallow depression. Please enjoy your day. The rest, hidden from view by humans, is both enormous and complex. It was spiritual. Others have seen in my house…and I have been able to meditate or travel into a different realm 4 times…All very interesting…its taken me the last 4 years of practice..I simply wanted to know where my horse went…and they did show me.. grief and opening my 3rd eye really must have been the push for me, as I’ve met a few entities…touched them…actually in lucid type dream states…it is all very very real….but mine really opened up for me because my grief was so severe I believe…now these spirits come into my physical world and I go to theirs when I dream…when I dont have insomnia! Every physical item, animated, intelligent, or inanimate, has a soul. It just sort of disappeared, and I took the groceries into the house with me. He was just killed by the SUV. We are not told in Scripture about the possibility of animals being brought back to life, but it seems that the lack of attention given to the subject is evidence against there being an “animal resurrection”—meaning that when they die, they are no more (Psalm 104:29). The consciousness lives on after the physical body dies. They do so using different states. about ones actions as they contribute to happiness and life. In 2012, Christianity Today published an article on the topic, and three different authors, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a Christian university professor, and a Christian animal advocate all came to different conclusions, each providing their reasoning based on biblical inferences. Now, I don’t expect the reader to understand all of it. It only changes form. When I returned, I found him there crying loudly. Again, in Indiana there are precious free spots to park and relax. So if you want to devolve into racist rants, are offensive, talk about Jews, or try to tell me how I too can get rich on the internet, I will delete your posts. (Image Source). One day, I had just come back from shopping. 1. We went into the car. Solomon, while bemoaning the vanity (under the sun) of both human and animals’ physical bodies dying and returning to dust, acknowledged that their souls have a different destination. That is the only way that it can interact with the physical world. Other dreams [2] hold learning purposefully. Am I always to be laughed at and made fun of, before anyone can really take a good hard look at what is going on? This also includes all previous reincarnations. This is a soul arrangement that permits the core quantum soul elements to be shared with other souls of the same species. We all have our own points of view. I lost my best friend of nearly 12 years, Frisco on January 27. Without getting into different eschatological models, the question naturally arises as to whether animals will exist in the future New Heavens and New Earth and/or eternal state. Outside the weather was horrible. If it is a particle, it can interact. In another form. We also use ways to communicate by “feelings”. Animals should not be the focus of our hope and joy in heaven: Christ should be (1 Timothy 1:1; Titus 2:13). I got up, and asked “What’s up Texie? Do this, put a pen and a pad of paper near your bed. Hades or Sheol has two parts. I told her that our cats were fine. If you want to use a Biblical passage to illustrate something, that is fine. That is to say that the relationships that we have with each other are not hardwired in the quantum connectivity between the core quantum arrangements in the basic unit of the soul. So, in the rain, I exited the car and went to the cat. The mother found out about this, and made a public apology. You can call it religion or quantum physics. Are there others that help them? It only works interspecies. However, he was very affectionate. It was a 14-foot wide by 60-foot long home built in the middle 1970’s. They had a kitten with them, and they were told by someone that I liked cats, and I would take him in. Then a funny thing happened. The ground was rock solid hard. What this means is that the winters are too short to invest in a wood burning stove, and the summers are too short to invest in an air conditioner. Though I did call my ex-wife every month or so. I looked at him. They will tell you all that you need to know. Therefore, no eternal hell and likely no heaven is awaiting them, i.e., they are not eternally punished for sin (as non-believers are) or given eternal life (as believers in Christ are [John 3:16; Romans 6:23; Titus 3:4–7]). He died and went up to Cat Heaven. Actual consciousness, and thus soul, is a manifestation of quantum gravity effects independent of a physical body. Be a best friend to your friends. As there are some really stark Our relationship was that we were “good friends”. In that environment, the quantum gravity effects due to the quantum particles attach themselves to the microtubules in the physical body. If a person is open and sensitive, they can see things that others (who rely on only the physical) cannot sense. Thank you for your contribution. This is what we can learn from this event; Finally, I will wrap up these stories with the littlest member of my once large cat family. Where Texie and I were “best buddies”, Smokie and I were just “good pals”. We need to “improve it” through growth to hit a “stable archetype”, or approved form configuration. The same is true with the topic at hand. Rigor mortis had not yet set in, and the dead cat hung limp in my arms. //insert the amount field in the form with the custom amount It operates as a particle. I crossed the street. As I stated previously, my experiences concern cats. Oh, and you’ll all meet up again. In each type, the behaviors and interactions of the quantum particles interact with each other differently. You see, thoughts are not “a nothing”, like a wisp of air. Thoughts are something. I had been upsized, downsized, resized under corporate restructures, company buyouts, hostile takeovers, and just plain bad bosses. The reader should not bet confused. If you don’t mind listening to Rod Stewarts’ “Maggie May” every five or ten minutes or so, it was ok. For me, who preferred more alternative musical tastes, it drove me crazy. Let’s discuss the “individual soul” construct. Indeed, prior to the internet, people could see just who they were talking to, and who was calling them out on their comments. We should never think of life as all that there is. There are a rare few who can communicate using PSI ability, but they are pretty rare. It was a two seater and big enough for all three of us. You know, we expected to heal him, not to have to put a dying cat down. But I’ve seen many new things, I’m trying to make reason of…by the way…I did not know it was Krishna until I googled…and googled what this image was of I was shown…. It didn’t happen because we had other “important” things to do. I don’t believe in reincarnation as it is pelagian and not Christian. (As do all married men. Some people can drive, and others cannot. It was painless. This is a quantum state. I would come and visit, and there he would be crossing the cow pasture and heading straight toward me. This, like ours, involves a sort of “Heaven” as well as a non-physical reality that surrounds their reality upon this life that we share together. I have broken apart some other posts. did Jesus come to earth first and collect all the white horses or are they in heaven? Like waves on a pool of water. As such, they toned down the music programming to a bland pop 40 or pop 100 on constant rotation. A entangles with B, C entangles with D, E entangles with F, and G entangles with H. This produces a higher level in the network. It is a very personal thing. Not at all. The dog went through numerous reincarnations. If it wants to leave the physical world, it takes on wave behavior. Both dogs and cats have a “hive” or shared soul. Just because you don’t know how to fly, a plane does not mean that others can’t do so. Contrary to what certain religions preach, all ambulatory entities possess souls. I told the guys that I certainly liked this little guy. I am not going to lie, I was drenched. My God is a limitless God. Two weeks for him was quite a long time. He scoops dust and forms a man and later forms the woman from the man. It can decide what to do when it wants to. The car headlights helped me see my way around that storm from Hell. So do not even try.A relationship is only between two individuals. Some versions say “life” and some say “soul” (Hebrew nephesh) in both verses. Souls are made up of clumps of quanta, called garbons. If you don’t like it, you can leave. But, the impression, or the “feeling” that I had was that it was by a large dog in the woods near a tree. For all practical purposes, the mathematics of souls are well understood. The little kitten was traumatized and in bad shape. It’s all about people like you. And, trust me, along the river in Kentucky was hot and super humid could be unbearable at times. They can best be classified I had no appetite. In low energy states, the creation of a physical body occurs through precipitation of the energy state. From then on, this cat and I were very close. I promise you that. But…. Then he stood up on his rear legs and put both paws around my neck. Dogs and cats can share their personality clusters with each other. We are not connected. As I got close, I suddenly “felt” a presence with me. You do not need physical proof to know something has occurred. Why? We will always miss those whom we love and care for. We have sadly had enough cats who have died to see this ourselves. Crazy and strange stuff for certain! I told her, not to worry. Burial is only for your emotional needs. Cats can do some amazing things with their hive soul. I must ask the reader to remember what Einstein said when asked if believed in Heaven. My friend Snowball moved on with his life. . Neither is it a new look into the world of quantum physics. I need witnesses, proof, receipts, and Xeroxes from your ledger. Where part of it might behave like a particle and we can see it, like the head for instance. I stopped and listened again. They are just the brain relaxing and reacting to various daily events through imagination. So, if you, the reader, were so interested, I would welcome your stories. I handed it to my wife and she put it close to her chest and kept it warm. Is it not being with Christ and seeing him face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12; Revelation 22:4) and being in his presence (1 Thessalonians 2:19; Jude 1:24)? You cannot see feelings, does that mean that there is no such thing as love? We were sorting through our things. While other things were going into the motor-home. That’s like going to a restaurant and saying you are only going to eat carrots. Of course we can meet up. Scripture simply does not give us any more detail. E=mc2. Of course, as humans we communicate by writing, talking, body signals, behaviors, scents, and many other ways. There is a Cat Heaven. They handed the kitten to me. We’re going”. Pets do attain the position of a … And they exist and just like how water can cut a channel through the sand and make a path or a route, so does prolonged thoughts and relationships. $('.wp_accept_pp_button_form_classic').submit(function(e){ One of the most startling is that they can perform “switching” activities. However, the soul matches certain physical locations or attachment points. The longer we are with them together, or the strength of the intensity of our love will determine the grief that we will feel when they leave for Heaven. This guy and I were inseparable. Without that component, it would be very difficult to define “locality”.). I distinctly remember saying this out loud; “Now, who are you? Most radio stations in Indiana at that time had been bought up with media mega-corporations. It came from somewhere. These books are quite interesting. However, we must remember that this was a vision given to the Apostle John concerning Christ’s judgment of the earth. Anyways, that really doesn’t matter right now. After all, this is a far better use of the internet than for looking at Justin Bieber videos. And, thus we assume that all animals are like this. And I missed that opportunity. Though, their souls and their spiritual realities are quite different from ours. The relationships between me and both cats were similar and very close. First of all, I am so very sorry for your loss. Why not?A: The Bible is a great religious book. This is not true at all. Right. The soul is a “lumpy” mass that resides in an area without physical form. But that is how they feel. Here are reprints in full text of stories that inspired me, but that My cat was busy going onto his next reincarnation. He had this habit or crawling up my leg and my back and always sitting on my shoulder on my neck. I am talking about “refrigerator user manual” style of prayer. We are all equal, with equal experiences. Have no fear that your cat will be alone when she crosses over. I strongly recommend the reader to go rent this movie on Netflix or download a torrent of it. ), And, if you want to meet some lonely cats and kittens, well here are some links to do that too…. Sad and shocked. Therefore, all animals that die before the advent of Christ’s second coming will not exist in the new heaven and new earth. You don’t know what it is, but you know that something is not right. I think that most cats die a death on the roads by automobiles. We all have it. It also includes our pets. A garbon is a stable discrete cluster of organized quanta. For now, let’s keep it simple and simply say that our soul is an “intermediary form”. Later on, I went out to empty the trash. My other cat isn’t very playful and never showed any interest in those toys so I believe it was my sweet girl showing me that she misses me. I suppose that is as good as an explanation as any. There is nothing except religions, and unless you follow Mohammed, all religions are bunk anyways. Sensitivity comes with age, training, attention and experience. To help put this in perspective, put yourself in my shoes…. Because, like you, I demand cold hard facts. Other species, those older, smarter and more experienced than us, have mapped out the science of souls. But it cannot own or hold those elements of another soul. And we took him everywhere with us…he loved going to Petsmart to look at the birds and didnt mind being bathed at dogwashes…he was a pampered boy. After seeing him foaled and living 24 years destroyed me…so much so that in the past 4 years. (I use cats because I only had cats during my entanglement. The vet told us that his white blood count was zero and they had no idea how he could possibly be alive. All species have their own realities that they occupy and learn from. What I know is based on my MAJestic entanglement. There is a very important spiritual component to our being. It is called hell or Hades in the Greek and Sheol in Hebrew. I have needed to put many loved pets down. In the few unique experiences that I have had with horses, let it be well understood that they are far, far more attuned to the universe than we humans can possibly understand. Even in the rain. They know things that we don’t know. We drove down the gravel road, the windshield wipers furiously trying to keep the window clear. Within a Cat Heaven, it is probably filled with things that are of great interest to cats. Meow. It shivered terribly and its little cries were pathetic against the constant drumbeat of the rain. The second thing about him was that he had fangs. God Bless. So, I asked her “seriously”. Music in that little car of ours with our little cat was our “special time” together. May we also follow God’s example of loving care here as faithful stewards (1 Corinthians 4:2) of God’s creation (Psalm 8:6–8). Unless you can provide them to me, everything that you say is just nonsense. Now I describe things herein is not necessarily the same as how quantum physicists or other scientists describe things. I know that this kind of experience is subjective. Swales connect garbons together to form a lattice (or matrix). It would benefit no one. In regards to this movie, I would like to “underline” a number of key points; What we refer to as “the soul” is actually nothing more than “consciousness”. I mean to say, I REALLY know about this subject. However, I had a distinct impression that he was attacked by a large animal, probably a dog. Hum. He had terminal melanomas on his spine, being the gray horse that he was…His death. The physical body represents less than 5% (in accumulated volume) of the quantum entity. It had to be fate! Now, the point of disclosure should be made clear. Psalms 145:3; Romans 11:33; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Revelation 4:8–11). You can bury it yourself, or give it to the vet for disposal.
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