Huge range of cargo and utility bikes. Where will you store the bike when it’s not being used? Heavy Duty Trailers. Or hauling a new piece of furniture home that you just picked up at a garage sale. Few bikes have adopted modern materials, even in the heavy cargo bike (bakfiets) scene. Your thoughts, comments or feedback will make us SMILE. Apart from children's bikes with no chain, all bicycles must be correctly packed in a bike box or bike bag. The set ups are either front or back, seats or boxes. 117-119 Oxford Street, Levin, New Zealand ph. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider. Adding kids here means you will have to adjust to the balance needed for weight sitting high at the back of your bike – this is a fairly easy adjustment especially for someone who rides regularly. Wide at the front or back so your footprint is bigger giving you stability. See below for good explanations of your options and to get an idea of what brands are available in NZ. These electric bikes are usually longer and lower to the ground, providing easier loading of cargo and more cargo space than a standard city ebike. Start Shipping a Bike to New Zealand with Schumacher. NZ's PREMIER SUPPLIER OF EBIKES The Electric Bike Team has everything you need to enjoy your city on two wheels! Mundo Utility Bicycle is designed to promote affordable, scaleable transportation for cargo and people, particularly for developing parts of the world that rely heavily on human-powered mobility in rugged conditions. New Zealand's leading cargo bike experts. Five California-based design students built the Aquaduct for rural, third-world countries where many people either walk for miles or use a motorized vehicle to retrieve water, and then use up time and energy to boil the water. Cargocycles is a bike shop specialising in cargo bikes, load carrying bikes and trikes as well as electric bicycles. Not an agile bike but can carry a lot. The products we listed here are the absolute best we can find on the island right now, whether in terms of tyres, brakes, motors, or design. Radkutsche Rapid Electric Cargo Bike $ 7,999.00. The Otago Rail Trail is NZ’s first rail-trail and today is well set up with all the amenities you need. We are passionate and carry over a decade of experience. These cargo bikes come in single or double front wheel (trike) options, see more on trikes below. The freight or cargo area is in front of the rider between the handlebars and the front wheel. When you’re ready to ship a bike to New Zealand, use our Online Quote Form to begin working with a SCL representative. Radkutsche, eZee to buy or consider custom made with Cycle Trailers NZ Ltd, Rear cargo trike with large usable load area – great car free option for families. Full Range – Riding with Kids Attached or Towed, First Aid & Personal Care Supplies for Bikers, Be Comfortable on your Bike Seat (standard & e-bikes). With 2 boys on the back, gear on the sides and front, and my 8-year-old riding along side, we spend so much time outdoors, exercising, and free from distractions. Lost ? Traffic jams and tedious searching for parking spaces are now a thing of the past. Let us help you find the ideal one. It’s a bike built for anyone, anywhere. Previous to this Pete studied design at Ara Institute of Technology. Electric Bikes are exciting and something we really believe in and want to promote throughout New Zealand. Also Yuba – see photo & Bullitt, Front loading cargo bike designed to carry children – the “Yuba Supermarche”. "The style and comfort of the European commuter bikes are now available in New Zealand. Large boxes with ramps can hold wheelchairs for disabled children. CARGO BIKE NZ ( Click below to read the article ). The bike’s drive train can be disengaged while parked, and the Aquaduct used as a stationary filtration device. At Trikes New Zealand we are dedicated to offer a wide range of bicycles and tricycles, all custom-made, to give more mobility or simply to enjoy life on 2 or 3 wheels. Cargo Bikes. Wed 7am … The Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch is a utilitarian electric cargo bike. The Urban Arrow Family pedal-assist cargo bike is one of the most advanced cargo bikes on the market, thanks to it’s substantial change in materials and technology. Simple yet beautiful, the Butchers and Bicycles cargo bike is the ultimate family ride, safely transporting up to four children. Click here to see our full range of electric bicycles, … goFind your SMILE - goRide, get Ready and goRide –  Using a Cargo Bike to Transport Your Family. 99 Bikes delivers a huge range of men's, women's and kids bikes from the biggest international bike brands. We have steadily grown to now carry the largest Dealer Network of any eBike brand in NZ with stores in most towns and cities throughout NZ. Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer for Toddlers, Kids, Folding Frame, 16 Inch Tires, Universal Bicycle Coupler, Quick Release Wheels, Red, Yellow 4.6 out of 5 stars 579 $99.99 $ 99 . The set ups are either front or back, seats or boxes. Discover old historic gold-mining villages, country pubs, rugged scenery and some of the most dramatic landscapes New Zealand has to offer. Of course, it works just as well taking your dog and your camping gear to a lake for a weekend. Because their handling is very similar to that of an ordinary Mon 7am to 6pm. Wooden Trailer Kitset. A "Long John" is a two-wheeled load bike with a low cargo bay between steering tube and front wheel. About Us. How much storage do you need – what kind of loads will you want to take? Pete believes cargo bikes … Find out bikes, bike frames, and accessories in new and used condition like: Dirt Jumper Bikes. Try the new Custom bike Builder, and build your personal cargo bike. The Bullitter, a journal with daily updates from the Larry vs Harry universe. Christiania bikes from Copenhagen, Denmark. These bicycles are ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable and practical bike. If you wish to travel with an item that exceeds the maximum weight or dimensions, contact Air New Zealand National or International Cargo or a local freight company to discuss your options at least five days before your flight. Brands like Bullitt offer alternatives to boxes – canopies or simple seats for older children. The full tech rundown on the bullitt system. So you should be able to find something that suits your family dynamics. A couple of the well known brands that are available in New Zealand are Christiania Bikes (Danish) & Radkutsche (German). Utility bikes won’t take great weight but they are better than standard bikes, Where do you want the kids to be & how many kids do you need to seat? The box is placed low to the ground which means good weight distribution. Good option for people not used to riding or returning to riding. Using a Regular Bike to Transport Your Family, Using a Bike as Your Primary Form of Transport. That’s it for the best electric bikes in New Zealand! There is plenty of room for a large box here. Tern GSD S10 cargo bike $ 7,295.00. Dutch Cargo Bikes In NZ & Australia Dutch Cargo Bike is the Australia & New Zealand arm of the popular Dutch “Bakfiets” brand. Best of the Bunch. Brian Gilbert started building Worldrider and Lorenz tricycles for a few local clients from his well-known bike shop in 1986. BLACK URBAN TRACK $799.00. Thanks for reading. We have a huge range of bikes and trikes on the floor, dedicated cargo and electric bike servicing and genuinely enthusiastic and passionate staff. Preorder - ETA TBCFrom one of the most popular e-bike brands in New Zealand, Magnum’s latest generat.. $2,999.00 Exc. Cycle through this year's Labor Day. As the name implies cargo bikes are designed for taking weight so are perfect for transporting more than one child. Slate Fixie $599.00. Buy Cargo Bikes for Labor Day. So you should be able to find something that suits your family dynamics. SEE OUR EBIKES Find An ebike CITY & COMMUTER EBIKES CARGO EBIKES RAIL TRAIL EBIKES FOLDING BIKES See Our Ebike Brands SEE ALL OUR … Find your perfect bike for life. Christianiabikes was developed in the early ‘80 as a mode of transport in the car and care -free city of Christiania in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. Shop for the best range of bicycles and bike accessories online in New Zealand. We ride this bike everyday, multiple times a day! 03-545 7552. The Aquaduct provides the transportation sans fossil fuel, eliminates the need for wood or other fuels to heat the water, and is emissions free. The kids sit in a tough wooden box in front of the rider and are held securely with three-point harnesses. Other cargo bike manufacturers in the Netherlands... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, LONG JOHN work-horse bicycles Urban bikes, electric bikes, cargo bikes, clothing, accessories, bike servicing and bike rental., Where to get utility style bicycles in NZ. Packing bikes. That trunk contains a tank capable of holding enough water for a family's daily use. Long tail “Tern” cargo bike with lots of storage options – great for family riding. This type of cargo bike has a large loadable area and can take the weight with little effect on balance. Bike Station. More Reading. The Cargobike is extremely manoeuvrable, convenient and light steering. Required fields are marked *, © Copyright 2015. Now daily school runs and grocery trips can be comfortably achieved by bike. Christchurch Electric Bicycles is the longest established eBike and Cargo Bike Specialist Store in the Christchurch and Canterbury region, selling high-quality electric bicycles, conversion kits, accessories and more. As the name implies cargo bikes are designed for taking weight so are perfect for transporting more than one child. When you add to this mix a bike that is ideal for moving loads or cargo your use options open up even wider. And the big question – how much money do you want to spend? Who needs a car then. Cargo bikes. We didn’t include the folding bikes or cargo bikes because those belong to a different category, by the way. Your email address will not be published. Since then it has become a permanent and popular fixture all over Europe, transporting kids, flowers, ice cream, post and tourists around town, with everyone enjoying the healthy, environmentally sound and happy lifestyle it creates. Read on for tips and advice about how to achieve this amazing active transport option. Rides just like a normal bike (same shape/length/width) but is better than a normal bike for taking weight. Benno Boost E 2020 $ 6,295.00. eZee Expedir Alfine Classic (19AH) $ 4,999.00. Polar Fixie $599.00. The Cargobike offers a solution. The Cargobike has a low instep and the centre of gravity is close to the ground. We supply these brands of cargo bikes: Yuba, Tern . 06 367 0146 You push the load rather than pull it. Ted Howard in Nelson ( New Zealand ) is operating a business using, this Xtracycle with an electric assist Stokemonkey motor from, ( also known as ), Australia and New Zealand ( September 2010 ), Xtracycles from California ( ) are available through, or their other site : Soccer practice, school, guitar practice, the library, the grocery store…you name it; we are riding our cargo bike everywhere. Hours. NCM Moscow Plus ,E-Bike, 250W, E-MTB, 48V 16Ah 768Wh [Black 27.5] We found Moustache, Winora & Kona reinforced bikes in NZ. Publications & info. Often comes as an electric bike. US Embassy in NZ; SCLUSA New Zealand Bike Shipping Rating Pete Thornton has worked in the bicycle industry for more than 25 years in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The Hitch. Customize it with the proprietary monkey bars, sideboards, cargo bags, and basket, and you’ll end up … We are Official Australian Retailers for top European e-bike brands such as Riese & Müller, Urban Arrow, Tern, & more – all with lifetime customer support. Whether you get a built in motor or add one on, electric bikes give you the ability to use your bike to go more places, more often. Finance options are available on request - for more information click here. 54 Vanguard Street, Nelson, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand. Electric assistance will give you the ability to go further, climb hills that would be a challenge and add weight without affecting the effort you need to put in. Visit our bike shops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Bike Blenders. The Raphael House school fair was the first public showing of 2 of our electric converted cargo bikes. For information on any of above, call one of our Bike Specialists at: 800 599-0190 // 562 408-6677. Boxes can be enclosed or open. Babboe, the number 1 cargo bike of Europe, has been developing affordable and safe cargo bikes for over 10 years.It is the young parents who inspire us in making the ideal cargo bike. It benefits the environment, the economy and all road users. Cargo bikes are the reliable alternative to cars. Whether it is back and forth to school, shopping or out playing with friends. Is electric for you? The school is built on the side of a hill and has a super steep drive, so steep that I actually had to do some work when I offer a mum and her child a ride up on the back of the bike. Urban Arrow is a bit different. Financially this is a bigger investment but with everyday use you will get your money back in saved car bills. Tue 7am to 6pm. In addition to propelling the vehicle, pedaling the bike also sucks water from the rear tank, through an internal filtration system, and into a clean drinking water reservoir. Or running errands around town. 99 $139.99 $139.99 Single Wheel Trailers. Other resources to help make you SMILE when you goRide, Your email address will not be published. Harder to use with a large family/older kids unless you choose to tow seats or a trailer. Boxes can be enclosed or open. Now it’s your turn….Contact goRide. They transport your family or larger loads with ease and, thanks to countless clever details, even in the wind and weather. If you add an electric motor it can be used for a wide range of transport & carrying tasks. Free Shipping within New Zealand FIXIES; URBAN TRACK; CARGO BIKES; Cargo Promotional Bikes; Cart ($0.00) FIXIES; URBAN TRACK; CARGO BIKES; Cargo Promotional Bikes; Cart ($0.00) Single speeds / fixies. With a Thule bike carrier, take your bikes anywhere you want – quickly, easily, and safely. The family made the choice to commute by bike instead of by car. Just like riding a normal bike just extended at the back. Our company brings the solid reputation of the inventor of the 2-wheel “Bakfiets” Cargo Bike to the Southern hemisphere. Yuba Bicycles makes Electric Cargo Bikes for carrying kids or cargo by bike. Dutch families with two or more children quickly have a problem when they do the errands by bicycle in the city. Let the e-bike experts at Dutch Cargo Bike help you find the best electric bike, cargo bike, trike or folding bike to transform the way you move. Accessories, Spareparts, Swag etc. And with the assistance of a powerful and reliable Bosch battery, you’ll have enough energy left to play with the little ones when you get to the park. 06 367 8272, fax. Step through frames are recommended and there is a huge variety of these bikes available in New Zealand. The Electric Bike Team is New Zealand's premier supplier of ebikes. Electric Bikes NZ ltd was established in 2006 and now has its head office in Auckland. 06 367 8272, fax. Riese & Müller Load 60. Our bikes are handmade and focus on safety and practicality. Large, integrated cargo platforms for easy loading Room to transport up to 3 passengers safely Scaleable frame with low top tube for riders of different sizes Reinforced dropouts for cargo or passenger transport V-Brakes, gears. What you gain in stability you lose in agility. Great for adding kids on or in seats. Heavy bags on the handlebar, one child seated in front and another behind results in unsafe situations. 117-119 Oxford Street, Levin, New Zealand, ph. Thule's car bike racks come in different types and can be mounted on your roof, hitch, towbar, or on your boot. psbikes are the only Australian importer of these wonderful bikes. Look out for boxes that are designed to carry children rather than freight – padding, rounded edges etc. Naturally we rode the bikes there loaded up with kids and gear. The Aquaduct looks like a tricycle with a solid trunk area. Nelson, New Zealand. Can I just start by saying cycling is a smart investment. High tensile steel frame Reinforced rims, axles, cranks, with cargo-strength tires. All Rights Reserved, goRide Limited. Kayak and SUP Trailers. If you are considering using a cargo bike to transport your family around town you have come to the right spot. Cargo bikes range from around $900 to over $10,000…. - Find your local dealer. The Grand Imperial Poobah of all electric cargo bicycles, … This bike has a reinforced frame that can handle added weight but not up to the capacity of a normal cargo. Urban Track Fixies. goRide helps you find your riding SMILE. Cargo bikes in New Zealand posted on November 28, 2019 Great story on cargo bike uptake in Nelson, New Zealand. A transport bicycle that's user friendly and ensures absolute cycling pleasure.